E-Verify Provisions Cut from Stimulus Package, but Congress is Likely to Address E-Verify Soon

As reported at Workforce.com, Rep. Ken Calvert, R-California, who authored the bill that established E-Verify, was unhappy that a provision requiring companies receiving stimulus funding to sign up for E-Verify did not survive in the $787 billion stimulus package. Representative Calvert stated that “there is no assurance that the jobs created will go to American workers,” and asserted that E-Verify was “stripped out of the bill without discussion or debate.” A separate provision, which would have reauthorized E-Verify, also was excluded from the final stimulus package.

Even though E-Verify did not make it into the stimulus package, Congress is likely to find a way to maintain the program (due to expire on March 6, 2009) until it can be addressed as part of a comprehensive immigration bill.

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