Deal or No Deal, How Will Brexit Affect Employee Work Authorizations in the UK?

As the current Brexit deadline of October 31, 2019 looms, employers with operations in the United Kingdom must prepare for various possible outcomes, including the potential for a no-deal break with the European Union.

Given the frequent movement of workers of all nationalities across the EU, many UK employers are particularly concerned about regulations governing work authorizations for their employees. As they wait for the political process to play out, UK employers should familiarize themselves with the work authorization policies likely to be in place beginning November 1, 2019.

The attached chart summarizes the work authorization policies (as of September 5, 2019), that are expected to apply to EU nationals, Irish nationals, and non-EU nationals who seek to work in the UK, both during and after the Brexit transitional period. Among other things, the chart indicates visa requirements, as well as restrictions on the length of employment.

Employers should stay tuned for further developments on these issues, as Brexit negotiations continue.

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