China: "Naked" Resignations Gaining Popularity

The "naked" resignation - quitting without having new employment lined up - is a growing trend in China, according to China Daily. One headhunter reported that between 30-40% of his candidates had resigned "naked." The trend signals a change in cultural attitudes toward employment among the country's younger workers, who are more frequently valuing personal satisfaction over compensation. For these individuals, achieving work-life balance is more important than climbing the corporate ladder, and they are content to wait for the right job to materialize. And, analysts note, this trend reflects the transition of China's job market from "labor-intensive" to "more mature."

Employers appear to have caught on to the trend and are taking steps aimed at increasing employee retention rates and attracting new candidates, such as giving greater attention to employees' health and wellness. In recent months, some companies have significantly increased salaries - by as much as 30% - but the decline in applications for vacant positions continues. A study cited by China Daily found that during the same time period that job vacancies increased by more than 30%, applications increased by only 12%.

Photo credit: PeskyMonkey

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