Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Reskilling & Ethics – Fourth Revolution Board of Director Imperatives & the Chair's Evolving Role

Disruptive advanced technologies, including robotics, AI and 21st century automation, are rapidly transforming the domestic and global workplaces, reinventing the way work is performed, and requiring upgraded skills and new roles, for a workforce undergoing massive demographic and social-economic reformation. Employers must recognize these profound changes and prepare for them, or suffer severe consequences, including business failure. Boards play an essential role as part of their oversight responsibilities to work with executive leadership to plan and invest resources now. The "think big, start small, scale fast" approach that is essential to delivering an effective operationalized digital program should be championed by the boards if organizations are going to impart momentum and develop a truly agile culture. Otherwise, risk aversion tends to lead to a festival of proofs of concepts and little progress of substance.

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