Answers to FAQs on Using Employers of Record for 16 European Countries

The past two years created a significant shift in working conditions, and with that, a new avenue of employment arrangements. The normalization of flexible working paired with talent scarcity created an ideal environment for its rise. To help set up a global workforce, many service providers—referred to as Employers of Record (EORs)—are offering to hire talent across borders for companies. They take care of labor and employment laws, social security, and tax in each desired country.

Choosing from different EOR vendors can be overwhelming, especially during a hiring crunch. To help employers make an informed decision when it comes to these employment arrangements, Littler teamed up with Honeypot, Europe’s leading developer-focused job platform that enables companies to scale their tech teams, to create a guide. This guide presents current insights and trends in Europe and provides details on hiring via EORs in 16 European countries. We want our clients to make an informed decision before engaging an EOR provider as not all that glitters is made of gold.

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