Adjustment to the General and Professional Minimum Wage for Geographic Zone "B" Has Been Approved

On November 23, 2012, the Board of Representatives of the National Minimum Wage Review Committee ("Consejo de Representantes de la Comisión Nacional de los Salarios Mínimos" or "CONASAMI") approved an initiative (in Spanish) to adjust the general and professional minimum wage for geographic zone "B" employees by 2.9%, in order to equalize it to that of geographic zone "A." This increase will be effective as of November 27, 2012. The initiative, which had been submitted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare on November 20, was voted on by CONASAMI within three days.

The 2.9% adjustment in the minimum wage that geographic zone "B" employees will receive will raise the minimum wage by $53.50 Mexican pesos (approximately $4.11 USD) per month. Given this increase, which will come into effect on November 27, the daily general minimum wage for both geographic zones "A" and "B" will be of $62.33 Mexican pesos (about $4.80 USD). The current minimum wage for geographic zones A, B, and C may be found in the following link: Tabla Salarios Mínimos - CONASAMI.

It is important to note that this adjustment is independent from the minimum wage increase to be determined in December for the 2013 calendar year.

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