2012 Election Results' Impact on Labor, Employment, and Benefits Policy

In the wake of President Obama's win over Governor Mitt Romney, employers can expect an acceleration of the Administration's effort to dramatically alter workplace policy. Republicans hold on to power in the House of Representatives, while Democrats will remain in control of the Senate. Senate Republicans not only fell short of their push to gain a majority in the upper chamber of Congress, but appear to have lost two of their current 47 seats. Will a closely divided Congress lead to compromise or gridlock? With the balance of power in Washington effectively the same, the legislative logjam that characterized the 112th Congress is likely to continue during at least the next two years of the Obama Administration.

To learn more about the elections' impact on employers, please see Littler's ASAP, How Will the 2012 Election Results Impact Labor, Employment and Benefits Policy?, by Ilyse Schuman and Michael Lotito.

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