Article by Phil Gordon and Marty Walz Rated Most Popular in the U.S.

"Contributor With Most Popular Article In United States," Mondaq

Mondaq recently recognized Phil Gordon and Marty Walz as the authors of the most popular article in the United States for his piece entitled, "Employers Face New Compliance Challenges as Massachusetts Becomes the 39th State to Enact a Security Breach Notice Law". The Mondaq website is one of the world's most comprehensive electronic resources for accessing information from thought leaders in legal, regulatory, and financial services. Every month, Mondaq determines the most frequently read article by their registered business readers and awards 'The Most Popular Article'. With so much new media being used in the workplace, employers are facing a multitude of new issues related to security. In his award-winning article, Phil takes some of the more pressing issues into consideration by posing ten key questions employers should ask when investigating a security incident.

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