Alissa Horvitz and Mark Ogden Comment on Federal Agencies

"The Regulator Rundown," InsideCounsel

This cover story provides an overview of the current and upcoming federal regulatory landscape, and instructs employers how to stay off of the radar screens of the SEC, EPA, NLRB, ICE, OSHA, IRS, OFCCP and more. Littler's Alyssa Horvitz says that the "OFCCP has transformed itself. It's doing three times more audits than it was two years ago, and its regional offices are coordinating to bring large class action cases." Littler's Mark Ogden also comments in this article, saying that large race discrimination claims are the EEOC's "single focus." Ogden says, "The EEOC has other large retail establishments in mind. The agency is out there litigating both disparate treatment and disparate impact cases, and it seems to be very well organized, very well funded and very well staffed."

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