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Press Release
January 10, 2024

C-Suite Executives Committed to Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Despite Backlash and Legal Challenges, Littler Survey Finds

Despite an increasingly challenging environment for diversity-related initiatives, many employers have deepened their commitment to IE&D over the past year.

In the News
January 3, 2024

We asked a labor lawyer what AI laws HR should look out for

Niloy Ray talks about the proposed AI regulations from the California Privacy Protection Agency and what all HR professionals should consider about AI and compliance.

In the News
January 2, 2024

10 NY Managing Partners On Their Priorities For 2024

Jeanine Conley Daves discusses some key focus areas for Littler and other law firms going into the new year. (Subscription required.)

December 20, 2023

Why employers should make sure health care plans are inclusive to transgender employees

The Supreme Court has ruled that transgender people are protected under the Civil Rights Act, and so Joycelyn Stevenson and Sarah Belchic say employers need to ensure that their health care plans are inclusive.

In the News
December 18, 2023

Women make up less than 7% of CEOs in insurance sector

Caroline Baker says a lack of gender diversity amongst senior executives at a business can make it easier to bring a successful sex discrimination claim against that employer. (Subscription required.)