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Press Release
June 1, 2022

Littler Appoints Eric Mack as New Co-Chair for Bollo Affinity Group

Eric Mack will work alongside co-chair LaToi Mayo to further enhance and expand opportunities for the firm’s Black and African American professionals.

In the News
May 27, 2022

Misgendering Nonbinary Employees on EEO-1 Form Is Common

Denise Visconti talks about the confusion employers face when filling out EEO-1 forms for nonbinary employees.

May 25, 2022

The Potential Impact of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on Important Issues Facing Employers

With the ever-changing employment landscape, Matt Brown and Benjamin Hepner explain how Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson will play a long-term role in shaping the future of the legal scene of our workplaces. (Subscription required.)

May 20, 2022

Turn Down the Radio: How Florida’s Stop WOKE Act Silences EEO & DE&I Efforts

Nancy A. Johnson, Lauren C. Robertson and Nicole B. Dunlap discuss Florida’s new Individual Freedom Act (“IFA”) – also referred to as the “Stop W.O.K.E. Act” – what it prohibits, its legal challenges, how it will be enforced and how employers should proce

May 19, 2022

Mississippi Becomes the Last State to Enact an Equal Pay Law

Thelma Akpan and Maureen H. Lavery explain Mississippi’s new equal pay law, the Mississippi Equal Pay for Equal Work Act.