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Press Release
December 12, 2017

Littler Ranks Among Top 25 Law Firms in Financial Times’ 2017 North America Innovative Lawyers Report

Littler moved up 10 spots from last year’s report, ranking 10th overall in 2017, and scored high marks for a number of its technology-based initiatives.

In the News
October 20, 2017

Former DOL Admin: 4 Risky Pay Practices the Feds Have a Field Day With

Tammy McCutchen warns employers about high-risk pay practices. HR MorningView Article 

In the News
October 2, 2017

Firms Offer More Web-Based Legal Tools, But at What Price?

Scott Rechtschaffen discusses web-based legal tools created for client usage, such as…

August 1, 2017

Let's Stop with the Robot-Lawyer Memes

Scott Rechtschaffen authored this article explaining that attorneys should embrace the impact of…

In the News
May 1, 2017

Law Architects: New Legal Jobs Make Technology Part of the Career Path

Scott Rechtschaffen and Jason Dirkx discuss how Littler utilizes solution architecture to address…