Exceptional client service is a foundational principle of Littler.
We promise to deliver it to you, our valued client. If we fail to do so, we will do whatever it takes to fix it.
We ask only that you share your concerns with us and give us a chance to address them.

Exceptional Client Service Means:

  1. Knowing Your Business. We will take the time, at our expense, to learn about and understand your business so that the advice we give you takes into consideration your particular business environment and needs.
  2. Understanding the Issue. We will understand the nature and scope of the issue or matter that you entrust to us, both at the outset and throughout the course of our work for you, and partner with you to achieve a solution that meets your needs.
  3. Planning Our Approach. We will work with you in advance to arrive at an effective and efficient plan to handle your matter, including legal strategy, fee structure, budgeting and staffing. If and as that plan needs to change for whatever reason, we will work together to do so, avoiding surprises.
  4. Managing to the Plan. In handling your matter, we will manage according to the plan. We will address any unexpected need to deviate from the plan with you in advance.
  5. Communicating with You. Nothing is more important to the success of our relationship than communication. We will learn how and what you wish us to communicate and with whom. We will communicate with you proactively, promptly and effectively at every step of the way. We will be responsive.
  6. Communicating Internally. We will communicate internally about our work for you so that each member of the team is equipped with the information needed to provide you the service we promise. We will take the internal steps necessary to provide consistently exceptional service to you across matters and offices.
  7. Respecting Your Time and Your Business Needs. We understand that you are busy and have many priorities besides the issue or matter we are handling. We will provide answers to your questions and deliverables when you need them, and if for some unexpected reason we find that we will be unable to do so, we will immediately let you know and tell you when we can. We will not waste your time.
  8. Leveraging Our Resources. We will utilize all appropriate internal resources to help address your issue or handle your matter more efficiently—whether they be attorneys with deep experience in specific subjects, Knowledge Management tools, pre-existing research materials or the like—but with due regard for the particular facts and circumstances of your matter.
  9. Addressing Problems Upfront. If a problem arises, we will inform you promptly, propose a solution and work with you to achieve it.
  10. Seeking Your Feedback. With your permission, we will periodically set aside time with you, at your convenience and at our expense, to learn what we have done well and how we can do better, so that our relationship with you becomes stronger.