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In Switzerland, we serve the wide-ranging needs of global and local employers from our Zurich office. With decades of experience guiding employers through operating in the Swiss market and throughout Europe, we counsel employers on labor and employment issues including the working environment and industrial injuries, workforce restructurings, employment-related agreements and transactions, compensation schemes, and immigration and choice of domicile matters.

We support our clients’ business strategies across a variety of industries both in Switzerland, across the DACH region, and internationally.


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Practice Areas

Projects and Restructuring

Small- to large-scale restructurings are part of our core practice. We assist our clients with planning and executing complex reorganizations related to their workforce within legal guidelines. Our teams know the latest legal developments and assist finding suitable and practical solutions for our clients’ needs. We are able to act under significant time pressure and respond quickly when our clients need to execute lay-offs or other types of reorganizations. Our attorneys have strong experience negotiating such projects with the works councils and unions and regularly advise and guide our clients through the often very complicated co-determination process.


We have longstanding experience advising our clients on their domestic or international mergers, acquisition and spin-off projects. We perform HR and employment law-related due diligence processes and advise our clients on relevant issues. We identify potential non-compliance risks and prepare suitable solutions. We also assist with structuring transactions under the acquired rights directives including any information, consultations and co-determination steps with employee representatives. We also advise on employee data privacy in transactions.

Labor and Employment Consulting

We are the day-to-day partner of our clients’ management, HR and legal departments when it comes to every aspect of labor and employment law. In particular, the members of our international department have vast experience advising our international clients on their operations. From drafting employment agreements reflecting the market practice, implementing complex worldwide compensation, pension or benefit plans, background checks, establishing thorough performance management systems to preparing disciplinary actions and individual redundancy scenarios, we support our clients in all of their needs. Our attorneys give employment law training on topics ranging from equal treatment and opportunities matters to mitigating risks of discrimination and harassment. We advise our clients on all aspects of legal compliance with the applicable laws from employee data protection to workplace safety. Our attorneys also handle global workforce migration, both inbound and outbound. We help our clients protect their business secrets in separation scenarios or while performing sensitive internal investigations. Our teams have extensive experience in handling works councils and unions with the goal of establishing sustainable relations between management and employee representatives.

Labor and Employment Litigation

Our litigation and trial teams rely on significant and longstanding experience in defending our clients’ interest in local, state and federal civil, employment or administrative courts. We represent our clients in proceedings with authorities and administrative bodies, in major corporate lawsuits as well as individual cases. We have resolved numerous lawsuits related to wrongful termination, compensation, protected leaves, discrimination, harassment or unequal treatment by winning or settling the matters. In order to protect our clients’ public image, we manage litigation matters with due discretion. We protect our clients’ businesses in court when it comes to business secrets or unfair competition. Our teams also handle delicate matters related to white-collar crimes or other criminal activities as well as legal non-compliance by individuals. We have experience protecting our clients’ businesses in matters related to works councils and unions, especially on disputes regarding collective bargaining agreements and strikes.

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