About Littler France

Our offices in France were formed by one of the largest French law firms exclusively dedicated to labor and employment law, with 170 lawyers in Paris and Lyon, including 40 partners.

We are regularly recognized by both French and international reference guides and rankings for excellence in labor and employment law.

Our services are mainly dedicated to individual and collective working relationships, restructuring, remuneration policy, company pension plans and employee savings plans. Our leading practice in litigation was developed with a methodology oriented toward close partnership with our clients.

Our client base includes a high number of French and international groups as well as high growth companies (VSEs-SMEs).


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Practice Areas

Labor and Employment Consulting

Our team is one of the largest in the French market, with 150 lawyers dedicated to this practice area. We handle all issues regarding French labor law, such as individual and collective relationships, collective bargaining, redundancies, restructuring, social regulation in the public sector, criminal labor law, immigration and global mobility.

The cornerstone values of our French offices are understanding clients’ unique perspectives, needs and objectives while reducing legalese and taking a common sense approach.

An approach favored by our clients is the client-counsel partnership, a best-of-breed strategy based on client access for immediate and collaborative decision-making and strategic arbitration. Our creed is not limiting oneself to simply "relating the law," but formulating operational, innovative and realistic recommendations.

Labor and Employment Litigation

Our lawyers provide legal representation to companies in all aspects of employment and labor law disputes, including individual disputes and collective actions before civil, criminal and administrative courts. Our experience as "project managers" combines reconciling strategy, the law and proactive preparation of cases.

Our objectives are:

  • Understanding the case to evaluate risk exposure and foresee the potential of litigation or settlement.
  • Managing litigation from the perspective of a "project manager." Beyond the legal and factual arguments and strategy, we provide companies with active support when preparing the brief.
  • Proposing innovative arguments.
Social Protection and Remuneration

Our offices have unique depth in France regarding social protection and remuneration issues, with more than 20 dedicated lawyers with very focused practices that provide guidance on:

  • Employee savings plans (incentive remuneration, profit sharing, savings plans)
  • Employee shareholding plan (stock options, bonus shares)
  • Company pension plan
  • Remuneration policy
  • Social contributions audit and litigation
Vocational Training Consulting

Our attorneys have developed a unique capability within France by establishing a team (since 2012) entirely dedicated to vocational training and consulting. Our lawyers can assist all training organizations and trade and business associations, as well as user companies.


As a registered training firm, we offer training sessions for companies to finance through their allocated corporate training budgets. We offer an annual schedule of training sessions open to all, as well as customized private training seminars for individual companies.

Our Offices


5/7 Avenue du Coq
Paris 75009


40 Rue de Bonnel
Lyon cedex 03 69484
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