Littler | Whistle Protect, provided by WhistleB, is a whistleblowing system used by companies across Europe that allows employees and external stakeholders to report suspected misconduct through a secure and user-friendly online tool. The service provides employers with an easy way to uncover and address misconduct, as well as access to market-leading data security and privacy to ensure whistleblower anonymity and protect sensitive data. With compliance with relevant national and European Union laws embedded within the tool, Littler | Whistle Protect also helps companies reduce their legal risk.

How The Whistleblowing System Works

A person reports suspected wrongdoing using the web-based reporting channels. (Available in multiple languages, the web-based channel is device independent, allowing for access from smartphones.)

Case Management - Investigation
Authorised users of the Case Management tool get a notification (SMS and email) of an incoming message which prompts them to log into the tool to view the message and take action.

Further dialogue with the person reporting is possible with remained anonymity.

Statistics and Report Generation
The dashboard provides an overview of current and historic data, status, alerts, performance indicators and in-depth analysis.

A Tool for Efficient, Accurate and Secure Case Management

Facilitating a flexible and secure organizational set up of the case management process, the tool allows for submission of cases to defined teams with the possibility to assign cases further to individuals and teams.

Advanced investigation support includes categorization of cases, communication with users and external individuals, file upload, predefined answers etc.

Translation is provided via safe machine translation and professional translators.

Case reporting includes online statistics, KPIs and presentations.

With security as the foundation of the tool’s design, cases are archived or deleted when the investigation is closed, in compliance with the legal requirements in the markets where the service is offered to employees. User and case logs are available.

Data Security

Littler | Whistle Protect is designed with the principles of security by default and by design to ensure data security and correct management of personal data, through:

  • Encryption – Customer data is encrypted in communication and storage.
  • Secure Authentication – Multi-factor authentication can be required to access the service.
  • Secure Data – Realtime replication is combined with back ups utilizing primary and secondary data centers.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention – Littler Whistle Protect is protected against online attacks for all authentication in the service.
  • Availability of Data – Performance and security of Littler Whistle Protect is monitored 24/7/365, by a third-party provider.
  • Testing – Vulnerability and penetration testing provided by external IT security experts.

Implementation and Support

In four easy steps, customers can set up Littler | Whistle Protect using a well-defined and proven implementation process:

  1. Start Up – With the help of a dedicated team, we’ll review the project plan and implementation package.
  2. Customization – We’ll help you determine which template will require customization, including whistleblowing guidelines, reporting forms and communication templates.
  3. Set Up – The whistleblower reporting channel will be configured, and the company Case Management tool will be prepared for intake.
  4. Launch – We’ll help you draft communications for your organization and determine your final launch plan.