Start-Up Guide for Foreign Employers in the United States

When Columbus left Spain to discover a new route to East Asia more than 500 years ago, he did so without an accurate map to alert him to the perils and promises of his journey. Full of hope for new wealth, Columbus embarked on his journey and endured significant hardship before ultimately finding success. Today, some entrepreneurs take a similarly hopeful—but blind—approach to establishing businesses and employment in other lands. Unfortunately, such unguided expeditions often encounter difficult storms or rocky shoals that sap the energy of the new business and cast it on the rocks.

Even the most adventurous businesses benefit from an accurate understanding of new opportunities and their risks. Whether you are looking across the seas or simply across the border to the United States for business opportunities, this Start-Up Guide will give you an essential understanding of the broad contours of U.S. employment law perils and resources. Although it cannot address every employment issue you may face, it is designed to present the basic knowledge necessary to chart a course through the U.S. employment seas.

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