Discerning advisors and shrewd negotiators boost your labor advantage

Today, unions are deploying a variety of tactics in the pursuit of members. They actively engage with social media outlets to reach a broad audience. They tap into technology through electronic authorization cards that expedite and expand the organizing process. And they initiate corporate campaigns involving tactics that seek to turn public opinion away from a company.

With significant depth in traditional labor practice, Littler understands the mindset of union organizers and stands ready to advise employers facing such tactics. Our deep experience in representing management serves as a strong counterpoint to the world’s most powerful labor organizations. We guide companies in developing and initiating strategies that lawfully avoid unions or effectively respond to unconventional corporate campaigns.

For unionized clients, we bargain tenaciously, while approaching the opposition respectfully and confidently at the bargaining table. If the union attempts labor actions to gain leverage – such as a strike – we help employers develop plans to assist in keeping operations running. We also are well-versed in seeking remedies to address illegal strike activities, such as mass and secondary picketing. In addition, we work closely with management regarding all aspects of labor contract administration, including guiding management through disciplinary matters, providing advice regarding contract interpretation and, when needed, representing management in labor arbitrations.

Our team’s understanding of National Labor Relations Board

Our attorneys have brought thousands of matters before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), generating strong relationships with NLRB personnel in the regional offices and in Washington during countless appearances and interactions. In addition, the practice group contains a significant number of former NLRB attorneys, thereby enhancing our knowledge.

We successfully navigate unfair labor practice charges through investigations, favorable settlements, hearings and appeals. When charges are not dismissed or resolved at the administrative level, we pursue litigation in federal courts. We also are prepared to bring unfair labor practice charges against unions on behalf of employers to prevent or end unlawful union activity.

Similarly, we regularly protect employers’ interests when representation petitions are filed to organize employees or modify existing bargaining units. When necessary, we are adept at appealing regional decisions to the NLRB in Washington, D.C., and to federal appellate courts.

Diverse voices express creative, strategic thinking

The ability to understand your business allows us to serve you effectively. With industry-specific experience, such as hospitality, retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, communications, and energy, Littler’s labor attorneys have first-hand knowledge of what works best for our clients, allowing us to become your true strategic business partner. In addition, with more than 80 global offices, we are comfortable and confident with labor laws and practices around the world.

Within our diverse group of labor lawyers you will find a variety of ages, races, ethnicities and genders, reflecting the makeup of our clients and, more important, their employees. This diverse team of many views and voices gives us a unique ability to serve clients.

Although we excel in union avoidance and elections, a hallmark of Littler’s practice remains the ability to prevent workplace issues from ending up in court or administrative tribunals, sparing our clients time-consuming and costly headaches. We have a comprehensive labor training program that consists of seminars, workshops, and regular updates on the latest legislation, regulations and case law. We keep our clients informed through our timely publications and white papers that provide practical guidance on labor law issues in the workplace.

“Collectively, our broad and diverse team has vast experience with unions and the NLRB and we know the players.”
– Tanja Thompson, co-chair, Traditional Labor Practice Group

Labor Management Relations Contacts

Tanja L. Thompson

Office Managing Shareholder
NLRB Expertise

NLRB Expertise

Is the idea of union organizing and concerted activity a thing of the past?

Is the idea of union organizing and concerted activity a thing of the past?

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