Keep your workforce talent compliant – at home and abroad

Given the complexity and fluidity of U.S. immigration policies, companies need help navigating a maze of domestic enforcement regulations. Additionally, global migration raises its own distinct challenges involving legal, political, and cultural matters.

Littler’s attorneys respond boldly to those needs – from nuanced issues involving visa support and H1 waivers to employment discrimination in the immigration process. Our firm’s deep subject matter knowledge on all aspects of workplace law means that the advice provided on immigration topics considers the overall employment relationship, not just the specific immigration issues at hand. This approach to our legal services saves time and gets the best answers for clients.

We react quickly to urgent immigration concerns, including workplace raids and enforcement actions, and help employers meet deadlines and avoid the costly consequences of delay. Our firm’s global presence facilitates quick assembly of dedicated professionals who are well-positioned to obtain the client’s desired outcome.

Among our capabilities in immigration and global issues are these:

  • Visa analysis. Recommend nonimmigrant visa category based on employers’ goals, such as H-1B for positions that require bachelor’s degree, L-1 for intercompany transferees and O-1 for people with extraordinary abilities.
  • Department of Justice (DOJ) Immigrant and Employee Rights (IER) investigations. Advise and counsel during internal investigations over allegations of employment-related immigration discrimination.
  • Audits. Counsel during internal audits of eligibility verification and as Department of Homeland Security (DHS) assesses the Form I-9 process and documentation in a variety of industries.
  • Investigations. Advise during Department of Labor (DOL) investigations on wage and hour issues during temporary, nonimmigrant visas, such as H-1B, H-2B, and H-2A.
  • Green cards. Guide the Permanent Resident Card process – from labor certification to completion of application.
  • Employment-based visa petitions. Advocate for employers in hiring foreign nationals in the United States.
  • Extraordinary ability petitions and national interest visa waivers. Complete required documents for nonimmigrant and immigrant employees.

Identifying appropriate talent close to business operations can be difficult for employers. Sometimes the search for candidates must move beyond borders, which raises immigration confusion for companies entering into an unfamiliar legal environment. Littler offers solutions for employers as they recruit and hire talent from other countries. Our attorneys will guide your company through the immigration compliance environment, particularly when seeking to fill positions in the high-demand disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math.

“We have extensive experience in reacting quickly to urgent immigration concerns, and we are able to swiftly assemble a team of experienced professionals to obtain the client’s desired outcome.”
– Jorge Lopez, chair, Global Mobility and Immigration Practice Group

Immigration and Global Mobility Contacts

Jorge R. Lopez

(305) 400-7504
ICE is at the door! What do we do?

ICE is at the door! What do we do?

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