The Littler Annual Employer Survey 2021

Employers transitioning to a post-pandemic workplace face a host of novel challenges.

High on that list is navigating hybrid work models and what a return to physical workplaces looks like – especially when, as our survey reveals, the percentage of employees who prefer remote or hybrid work is higher than the percentage of employers who plan to offer it. The survey also finds employers taking a cautious approach to asking about employees’ COVID-19 vaccination status and making a range of changes to their physical workplaces.

Yet these issues are only part of the complex landscape now facing employers. Several employment law-related changes from the Biden administration, particularly with regard to paid sick and family leave requirements, are expected to impact workplaces over the next year. Meanwhile, the pandemic has accelerated the need to equip employees with technological skills to succeed in the future, and more workers than ever are suffering from “crisis fatigue” and burnout.

Littler’s ninth annual survey – completed by nearly 1,200 in-house lawyers, C-suite executives and HR professionals – provides a window into these important issues impacting the workplace and employers’ strategies for addressing them.

View The Littler® Annual Employer Survey 2021 Report
The Littler Annual Employer Survey 2021 Report

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