Bouncing Back (and Forth): Statewide Reopening and Mitigation Steps


NOTE: Given the reduction in activity on this topic,
as of October
 7, 2022.


As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, government officials at all levels are reevaluating their health and safety protocols and adjusting workplace guidance based on shifting case metrics. Jurisdictions across the country have progressed and regressed by implementing different measures, on different timetables – resulting in a patchwork that has proven particularly challenging for multistate employers. As vaccination rates have increased, jurisdictions implemented more robust reopening steps. 

The chart below provides links to key orders and/or mitigation measures affecting the private sector issued at the statewide level. Employers should bear in mind that these materials typically offer detailed instructions, which often vary by industry. As a result, it is important to review each order along with any corresponding official guidance to get a complete picture of all requirements and how they may impact each employer’s operations. We will update this list periodically, as pertinent developments arise.

Employers might also wish to review our post summarizing statewide guidance on face coverings (also retired).

Note that this chart does not cover orders or guidance issued at the local level. Employers should consult with counsel for our additional resources on orders that may apply to their operations.



Specific Orders, Guidance

Last Updated



U.S. DOL - Essential Workers, Essential Protections Initiative (4/26/21)

U.S. OSHA - FAQs on Recordability of Adverse Actions to Vaccines (5/21/21)

U.S. OSHA - Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare; Regulatory Text; FAQs; and Fact Sheet (6/10/21); Effective as of 6/21/21 When Published (6/21/21)

U.S. OSHA - Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace (updated 8/13/21)

U.S. HHS - Announcement of HIPAA FAQs Guidance: HIPAA, COVID-19 Vaccination, and the Workplace (9/30/21)

U.S. OSHA - Announcement re: Vaccination and Testing ETS; Additional resources here (updated 1/25/22)

U.S. OSHA - Statement re: Withdrawal of Portions of Healthcare ETS (12/27/21)

U.S. CDC - Interim Guidance for Managing Healthcare Personnel with SARS-CoV-2 Infection or Exposure (1/21/22)

U.S. OSHA - Statement re: Withdrawal Vaccine-or-Test ETS For Employers (1/25/22) (effective 1/26/22)

U.S. EEOC - Announcement re: Release of Guidance - The COVID-19 Pandemic and Caregiver Discrimination Under Federal Employment Discrimination Laws (3/14/22)

U.S. CDC Orders page (updated 4/1/22)

U.S. CDC - Mask Order - Transportation (initially issued 1/29/21) - FAQs (updated 2/25/22); Extended through 5/3/22 (4/13/22) - but, as of 4/18/22, no longer enforced

U.S. CDC - Testing Requirement for International Travel Expected to Expire 6/12/22 (6/10/22)

U.S. OSHA - Extension of National Emphasis Program (6/30/22)

U.S. EEOC - Updated What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws (updated 7/12/22) (and sample Religious Accommodation Request Form)

U.S. HHS - COVID-19: Renewal of Determination that a Public Health Emergency Exists (7/15/22)

What's New at the CDC

U.S. CDC - COVID-19 by County

U.S. CDC - Announcement re: Updated Guidance (8/11/22)

U.S. CDC - Quarantine and Isolation (last updated 8/11/22)

U.S. CDC - Isolation and Precautions for People with COVID-19 (last updated 8/11/22)

U.S. CDC - What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19 (last updated 8/24/22)

U.S. CDC - Stay Up to Date With Your Vaccines (updated 9/8/22)

Safer Federal Workforce - Guidance for Federal Employees, Contractors and Visitors - What's New (updated 9/15/22)



Public health emergency expired 10/31/21


Announcement re: Signature of SB 267 (5/24/21)

Announcement re: Confirming Safe Apart Order Expiration

Guidelines for Safeguarding All Businesses 

List of All Orders and Guidelines

Proclamation - Extending Public Health Emergency through 10/31/21 (10/8/21)



Health advisories rescinded, as of 1/31/22

Safe Travels page and portal

Alaska COVID Page and FAQs

Industry-Specific Guidance Materials (from 2020)

Proclamation (terminating disaster declaration) (4/30/21)

Health Guidance and Advisories (4/5/22)

Alert Levels

Health emergency order expected to end 7/1/22 (6/7/22)



Emergency terminated 3/30/22

Department of Health Services - Orders and Guidance for Reopening Businesses

Announcement re: Various Orders Rescinded (7/2/21)

Executive Order 2022-22 - Enhanced Surveillance Advisory (2/18/22) (extension)

Announcement re: Termination of Emergency Declaration (3/30/22)



Public health emergency expired on 9/27/21

Health Advisory - Vigilance Urged (7/2/21)

Executive Order 21-14 (7/29/21) (reinstating 60-day emergency; not renewed)

Guidance for Face Coverings and Social Distancing (7/30/21)

List of all COVID-19 Health Directives and Guidances



Current safety measures page

Updated Vaccine Record Guidelines & Standards (updated 8/25/21)

Announcement of Enactment of AB 654 (10/5/21) (re: notice to certain employees of exposure in the workplace, applicable benefits, and cleaning and disinfection plans)

Department of Fair Employment & Housing Announcement re: Guidance for California Businesses Regarding COVID-19 Safety Measures and Reasonable Accommodations - FAQs (10/18/21)

Department of Industrial Relations Safe Reopening FAQs for Workers and Employers 

Announcement re: SMARTER Plan (more info here) (2/17/22)

Guidance on Quarantine for Health Care Personnel (HCP) Exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and Return to Work for HCP with COVID-19 (updated 3/7/22)

CDPH Self Isolation Instructions Flyer; and Self Quarantine Instructions Flyer (3/17/22)

Cal/OSHA ETS - Third Set of Revisions Adopted (4/21/22) (see this article for details)

Announcement re: Updated Cal/OSHA ETS FAQs (5/7/22); plus release of fact sheets: (1) What Employers Need to Know About the April 21, 2022 Standards; (2) COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine – What Employers and Workers Need to Know; and (3) Revisions to the COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards Updated May 7, 2022 - FAQs

All Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Guidance

Beyond the Blueprint for Industry and Business Sectors (updated 5/2/22)

Beyond the Blueprint Q&A: Industry & Sectors Guidance (updated 5/24/22)

Current safety measures” page

Updated Beyond the Blueprint Public Health Order (6/8/22)

Updated AB 685 Materials: Employer Guidance on DefinitionsQuestions and Answers for EmployersAB 685 COVID-19 Workplace Outbreak Reporting Requirements for Local Public Health Departments; and Outbreak Definition and Reporting Guidance (for non-healthcare congregate facilities) (6/8/22)

Guidance on Isolation and Quarantine for COVID-19 Contact Tracing (updated 6/9/22)

Announcement re: Executive Order N-11-22 (6/17/22) (lifting certain prior orders, consistent with updated Cal/OSHA rules)

DIR Proposed Permanent Rule on COVID-19 Prevention (6/23/22)

CDPH Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace for Employers Guidance Checklist (updated 6/28/22) 

Updated Isolation and Quarantine for COVID-19 Q&A (7/21/22)

Department of Public Health Ventilation, Filtration, and Air Quality in Indoor Environments Interim Guidance (7/27/22)

Updated Cal/OSHA ETS FAQs (9/22/22)



Public health order in effect


Announcement re: Nineteenth Amended Public Health Order 20-38 (7/15/22)

Announcement re: Executive Order D 2022 035 (extending, amending Colorado COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Order) (7/19/22)

Announcement re: Twentieth Amended Public Health Order 20-38 (8/12/22)

Announcement re: Executive Order D 2022 037 (extending Colorado COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Order) (8/17/22)

CDPHE website: Taking precautions after exposure (8/25/22)

Announcement re: Twenty-First Amended Public Health Order 20-38 (9/9/22)

Announcement re: Executive Order D 2022-038 (extending, amending Colorado COVID-19 Disaster Recovery Order) (9/15/22)



Latest status, guidance


Executive Order No. 13 (extensions, modifications, terminations) (7/19/21)

Executive Order No. 13A (local authority to require masks) (8/5/21)

Department of Public Health Town-Level Covid Response Framework (8/13/21)

County COVID-19 Alert Map (updated weekly)

Executive Order No. 14 (extending certain prior provisions to 2/15/22) (9/28/21)

Announcement re: Executive Order No. 14A (9/30/21) (slightly revising Order No. 14)

HB 5047 (extending some orders through 4/15/22) (2/15/22)

Announcement re: Emergency extended (through 12/28/22 or until federal emergency ends, whichever is earlier) (6/28/22)

All Executive Orders 

Latest Guidance Page



State of emergency lifted 3/1/22, replaced by more narrow public health order


Announcement re: Public Health Emergency Extended (7/22/22)

Announcement re: Public Health Emergency Extended (8/19/22)

Announcement re: Public Health Emergency Extended (9/15/22)


District of Columbia

Public health emergency extended


Mayor's Order 2022-043 (3/17/22) (extending emergency to 4/16/22)

Community COVID-19 Guidance (3/23/22)

Guidance for Isolation: People Who Test Positive for COVID-19 and Their Household Members (3/31/22)

Best Practices for Businesses, Community Establishments and Public Events (4/19/22)

Updated Phase Two Information, Mayor's Orders, and Guidelines (revised occasionally)



No statewide mitigation measures

Executive Order 21-101 (5/3/21) (invalidating any remaining local emergency orders as of 7/1/21)

Executive Order 21-102 (5/3/21) (eliminating all local mitigation measures, and amending Order 20-244, immediately)

Executive Order 21-116 (5/13/21) (extending temporary reprieve/clemency for violations of local orders)

Announcement re: Updated Department of Health Guidance (2/24/22)

All COVID-19-Related Orders



Economic recovery emergency order expired 4/15/22

Guidelines for Businesses

Executive Order (, extending economic recovery emergency to 3/27/22)

Executive Order (, extending economic recovery emergency to 4/15/22)

Administrative Order - Public Health Control Measures - Isolation and Quarantine (3/16/22)



Emergency proclamation expired 3/25/22

Hawaii COVID-19 Page

Announcement re: Changes Taking Effect 3/26/22 (3/1/22) (travel)

Announcement re: Emergency Proclamation Expiring 3/25/22 (3/8/22)

Safe Travels Hawaii; and Updated Travel FAQs



Stage 4 of Idaho Rebounds framework

Emergency declaration expired 4/15/22

Stages of Reopening and Stay Healthy Guidelines - Stage 4 

Department of Health & Welfare Pandemic Recommendations (1/14/22)

Proclamation Extending Emergency (2/6/22) (30-day extension)

Announcement re: Emergency Declaration Ending 4/15/22 (3/8/22)



Some mitigation measures in place



Regional Phase Dashboard

Proclamation - Extending Emergency (5/27/22)

Executive Order 2022-013 - Extending/Amending Provisions (5/27/22) (generally extending to 6/25/22)

Proclamation - Extending Emergency (6/24/22)

Executive Order 2022-014 - Extending/Amending Provisions (6/24/22) (generally extending to 7/24/22)

Proclamation - Extending Emergency (7/22/22)

Executive Order 2022-017 - Extending/Amending Provisions (7/22/22) (generally extending to 8/20/22)

Proclamation - Extending Emergency (8/19/22)

Executive Order 2022-018 - Extending/Amending Provisions (8/19/22) (generally extending to 9/17/22)

Proclamation - Extending Emergency (9/16/22)

Executive Order 2022-020 - Extending/Amending Provisions (9/16/22) (generally extending to 10/15/22)

All COVID-Related Executive Orders and Proclamations



Emergency terminated 3/3/22 



Return from Quarantine Options

Executive Order 22-01 - Extending emergency through 3/4/22 (2/1/22)

Executive Order 22-02 - Extending limited provisions (2/1/22)

Announcement re: Executive Order 22-09 - Emergency terminated; HB 1001 signed (3/3/22)

Guidance and Data Page (updated regularly)



Emergency expired 2/15/22

Proclamation (extending emergency through 2/6/22) (1/7/22)

Proclamation (final emergency extension, to 2/15/22) (2/3/22)

Iowa Department of Public Health Reopening Guidance



No statewide mitigation measures


Emergency Expired 6/15/21

Announcement re: Employer COVID-19 Testing Playbook (10/26/21)

Announcement re: 15-Day Disaster Declaration (1/6/22)

Announcement re: Transition to Endemic Response (3/31/22)



General health department guidance

Healthy at Work - Guidance for All Entities

Healthy at Work - Supplemental Guidance for Healthcare Facilities (updated 7/1/21)

Announcement re: Updated Recommendations for Red Counties, as discussed here (8/23/21)

Team Kentucky Site (community level monitoring, links to KDPH guidance updated 7/28/22, etc.)



Emergency expired

Louisiana Department of Health News and Orders

Proclamation No 18 JBE 2022 (2/16/22) (Extension of Emergency Provisions)

Proclamation No 17 JBE 2022 (2/16/22) (COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Mitigation Measures)

Announcement re: Emergency Order Will Not Be Extended (3/14/22)



Emergency terminated 6/30/21

Announcement re: Emergency & Remaining Face Mask Requirements Expiring 6/30/21 (6/11/21)

Executive Order No. 40FY20/21 (6/30/21) (retaining some flexibility for certain pandemic-related services)

Labor Laws Related to COVID-19 (Jan. 2022)

Maine CDC FAQs (current as of 5/4/22)



Emergency terminated

HB 581 - Requiring Employers to Take Health and Safety Actions

Announcement re: 30-Day State of Emergency (1/4/22)

Termination of the State of Emergency (2/3/22)

Announcement re: Long-Term Preparedness Efforts (6/9/22)



State of emergency expired as of 6/15/21

Massachusetts COVID-19 Emergency Orders

Announcement re: Issuance of Orders: COVID-19 Order No. 69 (lifting restrictions) and Modified Public Health Emergency (5/28/21)

Announcement re: Emergency Expired & Health Care Industry Orders Issued (6/15/21)

Reopening Massachusetts



MIOSHA rules rescinded

HB 6032 (Antiretaliation protections/post-exposure return to work protocol) (10/22/20); amended by SB 1258 (12/30/20)

MIOSHA Rules Rescinded; Healthcare Emergency Rules Issued (6/22/21)

MIOSHA - Healthcare Standard Adopted (effective 10/26/21)

Announcement re: Updates to Isolation & Quarantine Guidance (3/11/22)

Post-Surge Recovery Phase - Readiness, Response & Recovery Cycle

All MDHHS COVID-19 Orders



Emergency expired as of 7/1/21

Announcement re: Emergency Expiring 7/1/21 (6/30/21)

Department of Labor and Industry COVID-19 Updates

Department of Health - Businesses and Employers Guidance (updated periodically)

Department of Health - Guidance Library (updated periodically)



State of emergency expired on 11/20/21

Announcement re: Emergency Expiring 11/20/21 (11/11/21)

Mississippi State Department of Health - Official health guidance and recommendations



Emergency terminated 

Announcement re: Termination of State of Emergency (12/30/21)

Announcement re: COVID-19 Crisis Ended (3/30/22)



Emergency terminated 6/30/21


Updated Directive Implementing Executive Order No. 2-2021 (superseding prior orders, eliminating phased approach, easing restrictions)

Executive Order No. 10-2021 (terminating emergency)  (6/30/21)

Montana COVID Page and Public Health Site



Emergency expired on 6/30/21

State Overview and DHHS COVID-19 Site

COVID-19 Nebraska Guidance Documents

All County Directed Health Measures with Effective Dates (if any)

Executive Order 2021-09 (terminating emergency, extending certain orders) (6/28/21)



Nevada Health Response page

Emergency lifted 5/20/22 as scheduled


Governor Directives and Declarations 

Announcement re: Proclamation Lifting Emergency (5/19/22)

Nevada OSHA - Updated COVID-19 Guidance for Nevada Businesses (effective 5/20/22)


New Hampshire

State of emergency expired on 6/11/21

Emergency Order #90 (4/16/21) (renewal through 5/7/21 - at which point business restrictions were lifted)

Executive Order 2021-10 (5/28/21) (extending emergency for 14 days)

Updated Universal Best Practices Guidance (updated 12/7/21) 


New Jersey


Public health emergency lifted 3/7/22

Executive Order No. 242 (5/24/21)

Announcement re: Signing of Legislation Lifting Emergency and Executive Order No. 244 (6/4/21)

Announcement re: Confirming Expiration of Executive Order No. 192 (Workplace Safety Standards) (7/2/21)

New Jersey COVID-19 Business Information (updated 10/22/21)

Announcement re: Public Health Emergency Reinstated, and Prior Provisions Extended (1/11/22) (Orders 280, 281) 

Announcement re: Executive Order No. 288 (extension of Public Health Emergency for 30 days) (2/10/22)

Announcement re: Executive Order No. 292 (lifting emergency and some related orders) (3/4/22)

Announcement re: Executive Order No. 302 (lifting some testing requirements for schools, state contractors) (8/15/22)

New Jersey FAQ with Reopening Schedule and Guidance, and All FAQs


New Mexico

Some mitigation measures in place



Department of Health Policies for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in New Mexico (9/28/21) (guidance for employers and others on health investigations and handling positive cases in the workplace)

Clarification of COVID-19 Rules for Employers (1/24/22)

Updated Public Health Order - Effective Through 6/15/22 (5/16/22)

Executive Order 2022-067 - Renewing Emergency Through 6/29/22 (5/27/22)

Updated Public Health Order - Effective Through 7/15/22 (6/15/22)

Executive Order 2022-109 - Renewing Emergency Through 7/29/22 (6/29/22)

Updated Public Health Order - Effective Through 8/14/22 (7/15/22)

Executive Order 2022-115 - Renewing Emergency Through 8/26/22 (7/29/22)

Announcement re: Updated Public Health Order - Effective Through 8/26/22 (8/12/22)

Executive Order 2022-120 - Renewing Emergency Through 9/15/22 (8/17/22)

Executive Order 2022-131 - Renewing Emergency Through 10/14/22 (9/15/22)

COVID Public Health and Executive Orders


New York

Private sector employers are no longer required to implement their HERO Act safety plans


New York Forward Industry Guidance - Active Guidance Page 

Department of Health Announcement re: Critical Workforce Return-to-Work Guidance (12/24/21)

Commissioner of Health's Re-Designation of COVID-19 as Highly Contagious Communicable Disease under HERO Act (extension to 3/17/22) (2/15/22)

Notice posted at NY HERO Act page - Designation of COVID-19 as Highly Contagious Communicable Disease Expired 3/17/22 (3/18/22)

NY DOH - Revised Isolation & Quarantine Guidance (5/31/22)

Executive Order No. 11.9 (extending certain provisions to 9/12/22) (8/13/22)


North Carolina

Moving Forward Together Plan

COVID-19 emergency ended 8/15/22

Businesses and Employers Guidance

All DHHS Guidance 

NCDHHS Interim General Guidance for Businesses and Organizations (1/12/22)

NCDHHS Interim Guidance for Public Facing Businesses (1/12/22)

Announcement re: Moving Forward Together Plan (3/17/22)

COVID-19 emergency to end 8/15/22 (7/11/22)

Announcement re: Order Terminating Emergency (8/15/22)

Updated General Guidance (Protecting Each Other from COVID-19) (9/6/22)


North Dakota

Emergency declaration lifted on 4/30/21


Announcement re: Statewide Emergency Declaration Lifting (4/21/21)

Public Health Recommendations Post-Emergency (4/29/21)

All Executive Orders 

Announcement re: Move to Endemic Approach (3/10/22)




State of emergency lifted on 6/18/21


Announcement re: Confirming Health Orders Lifted (6/1/21)

Director's Order - Rescinding Pandemic-Related Orders as of 6/18/21 (6/17/21)

Executive Order 2021-08D - Terminating State of Emergency (6/18/21)

Responsible RestartOhio Recommendations (7/29/21)

Education, Universal, and Sector Recommendations



Emergency rescinded as of 5/4/21

Executive Order 2021-11 (5/3/21) - Withdrawing Emergency

Color-Coded Alert System and Dashboard (updated each Wednesday)



Some mitigation measures in place

Adjusted workplace rules adopted 9/9/22

General Guidance for Employers on COVID-19 and FAQs

Announcement re: Lifting Emergency Declaration, Effective 4/1/22 (2/24/22)

Announcement re: Pausing Contact Tracing and Quarantine Requirement as of 3/12/22 (3/2/22)

Oregon OSHA - Notice that specified interim enforcement guidance (providing certain flexibilities) will no longer be in effect as of 6/15/22

Proposed Adjusted Rules Addressing the COVID-19 Workplace Requirements for Employer-Provided Labor Housing (text here) (6/29/22) 

Oregon Health Authority Guidance and FAQs (guidance updated periodically)

Adopted Adjusted Rules Addressing the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in All Workplaces (9/9/22)



Emergency terminated 

Current Mitigation Status

Announcement re: Emergency Declaration Extended (5/20/21)

Emergency terminated (noted here) by legislative resolution


Puerto Rico

Mitgation measures eased

Executive Order 2022-019 Announced re: Relaxed Mitigation Measures (3/7/22)

Department of Health Administrative Order 2022-533 - Mitigation Measures (3/8/22) (available here)

Littler Article re: Elimination of Most COVID-19 Restrictions (3/10/22)

Littler Article re: DOH Update of Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines (5/31/22)

COVID-19 Protocol for the Management of Cases in the Work Environment (6/9/22) (in Spanish)

All Executive Orders (typically available in Spanish only) 


Rhode Island

Emergency in place



Sector/Setting-Specific Guidelines, Posters and More available here

Executive Order 22-31 - Extending Emergency to 9/2/22 (8/4/22)

Executive Order 22-32 - Extending Emergency to 9/30/22 (9/1/22)

Executive Order 22-33 - Extending Emergency to 10/12/22 (9/16/22)

All Executive Orders


South Carolina

Emergency declaration expired


Executive Order 2021-23 (5/11/21) (limiting local authority)

Department of Health and Environmental Control Info Page


South Dakota

No statewide mitigation measures

Executive Order 2020-34 (12/18/20) (extending emergency to 6/30/21)

Department of Health Materials 



Emergency expired

Executive Order 90 (continuing emergency to facilitate response through 11/19/21) (11/5/21)

TOSHA - Workplace COVID-19 Control and Prevention FAQs (updated 1/21/22)

Department of Health - Cases and Contacts Guidance (some updated August 2022)



Reopening order in effect as of 3/10/21 

Reopening Checklists by Business Type

Executive Order GA-34 (3/2/21) (Lifting Capacity Limits, Restrictions)

Executive Order GA-38 (7/29/21) (setting uniformity in pandemic response)

All Executive Orders

Proclamation (Extending Disaster Declaration) (8/20/22)

Proclamation (Extending Disaster Declaration) (9/19/22)

General DSHS Guidance



Public health order rescinded, per legislation

State and Local Orders and Directives

Announcement re: HB 294 Enacted (3/24/21)

Legislative Response Timeline and Summary

Announcement re: Public Health Order Lifted, Transmission Index Advisory (5/4/21)

COVID-19 Business Manual (updated 1/20/22); and Summary (updated 1/21/22)

Announcement re: Steady State Plan as of 3/31/22 (2/18/22); What You Need to Know About the "Steady State" Response (2/22/22)



General restrictions lifed 6/14/21

Executive Order 06-21 (6/15/21) (post-emergency recovery activities)

VOSHA Memo: Workplace Safety Top 10 Recommendations Relating to COVID-19 (12/13/21) (non-healthcare settings)

Department of Health Info Page



Workplace standard rescinded

Announcement re: Public Health Order Will Not Be Extended (7/21/21) (schools guidance issued)

Announcement re: Revocation of Workplace Standard (3/22/22); Interim/Draft Proposed Guidance (intended to replace the rescinded standard)

Announcement re: Updated Quarantine Guidance for Early Childhood Education (7/14/22)



Announcement re: ForWArd Plan (3/17/22)

Announcement re: emergency and related orders to end by 10/31/22


​Washington Ready Site

Announcement re: Renewal of Emergency Rule Regarding Workplace Reporting and Notification Requirements (12/7/21)

Announcement re: Mitigation Updates and Revised Proclamations: (1) Proclamation 21-08.01 COVID-19 Safe Workers; (2) Proclamation 20-25.18 COVID-19 Washington Ready; and (3) Proclamation 20-03.07 Face Coverings - Statewide (2/17/22)

Announcement re: Updated L&I Requirements and Guidance for Preventing COVID-19 (effective 3/12/22) (3/11/22)

Announcement re: Re-Adopted Regulation - COVID-19 Prohibited Business Activities and Conditions for Operations (3/15/22)

Announcement re: ForWArd Plan (3/17/22)

Washington Department of Labor & Industries COVID-19 Page

Updated L&I Requirements and Guidance for Preventing COVID-19 (current as of 7/1/22)

All COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Businesses and Workers (updated periodically)

Department of Health Resources and Recommendations (updated periodically)

Announcement re: Remaining Orders and State of Emergency to End by 10/31/22 (9/8/22)


West Virginia


No statewide business mitigation measures


Executive Order 12-21 (4/19/21) - Simplifying/Clarifying and Lifting Social Gatherings Limit

Announcement re: Lifting of Face Mask Order (6/18/21)

Announcement re: Renewal of Regulatory Moratorium Order (6/29/21)

Latest Updates and All Guidance for Businesses 



No statewide business mitigation measures


Department of Health Services: Preventing and Managing COVID-19 Outbreaks in the Workplace, P-02787 (1/26/22) (Guidance for Employers in Non-Health Care and Non-Educational Settings) 

Wisconsin Emergency Rule re COVID-19 Protections for Migrant Workers (DWD 301.015 - 301.10) (effective 3/1/22)

State supreme court upholds local authority to issue public health orders (7/8/22)

Department of Health Services Guidance: Businesses, Employers and Workers (includes FAQs) (updated 8/18/22)




Emergency rescinded

Department of Health Guidance

Announcement re: Emergency Declaration Lifting 3/14/22 (2/28/22)/

Announcement re: Executive Orders Signed - Including Order 2022-03 Rescinding Emergency Declaration (3/14/22)


Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, employers should consult with counsel for the latest developments and updated general and industry-specific guidance.

Information contained in this publication is intended for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or opinion, nor is it a substitute for the professional judgment of an attorney.