As the federal, state, and local governments are starting to unveil their return-to-work plans, employers are anxious to resume operations and get employees back to the workplace. At Littler, we understand that the “next normal” looks different for every organization, each with its own unique workforce, business goals, and concerns. To address these and other issues stemming from the current pandemic, Littler continues to build on its COVID‑19 offerings through comprehensive resources that can help employers start the return-to-work conversation.

Littler offers a selection of documents, guides, and charts, including:

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COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance for Employers

For guidance on issues relating to workplace vaccinations and OSHA’s Vaccination and Testing ETS, please reach out to your Littler attorney or email us.

NY HERO Act COVID-19 Training

The NY HERO Act COVID-19 Training is a template employers can use to provide the required COVID-19 training under the NY HERO Act. The NY HERO Act Model Plan requires training on seven topics, which are included in this training program. Included in the PowerPoint presentation template are highlighted areas for the employer to customize and hyperlink directly to the company’s NY HERO Act Plan. Employers can review the entire plan with their employees, conduct a live training or record a verbal presentation of the program, and distribute the recording to meet the state requirement.
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