AB 5 Update: AB 2257 Would Amend California Independent Contractor Law

AB 5, California’s sweeping and landmark independent contractor law, became effective on January 1, 2020.  By January 6, bills were already being introduced to amend the law.  At one time, more than 30 such bills were pending.  After months of debate, that work seems to have been distilled into a single vehicle:  AB 2257.

AB 2257 is still pending in the legislature, and it remains possible that further amendments are in the works, up until the legislature adjourns on Friday, August 28.  While the current version of the bill is now in print, unfortunately the legislature’s website does not provide a version in “legislative format” – making it challenging to track the changes that AB 2257 would make to AB 5.

Because of the employment and labor law community’s strong interest in this bill, Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute has created just such a document, available here.  Again, this bill has not yet been passed out of the legislature, is not necessarily in its final form, nor has it been signed into law. 

The Workplace Policy Institute is holding a complimentary webinar on August 27, 2020, from 12:30 – 1:30 Pacific Time, to discuss this bill in more detail.  Registration information is available here.  Also, check back to Littler.com next week for a more exhaustive publication analyzing this bill in greater depth, and providing further insights into the Golden State’s ongoing debate about the status of independent contractors.

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