The Littler Learning Group offers the following workplace training videos online for immediate purchase:

CLUES: Preparing to be a Good Deposition Witness

Serving as a witness in a deposition proceeding can be stressful and confusing, especially given the high stakes. Poor deposition testimony or careless behavior during the proceeding can be damaging to an entire case, but proper preparation and a thorough understanding of the process can help pave the way to a successful and comfortable deposition experience. Littler’s Trial Practice Group is proud to offer this original video, chock-full of easy-to-follow guidelines designed to help clients and company witnesses prepare for a productive deposition.
(23 minutes)

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Managing Minefields: The Challenges Managers Face

This program dramatizes common employee relations issues encountered by managers today, such as harassment concerns, managing around the presence of a medical condition, wage and hour considerations, social media pitfalls, avoiding retaliation, and proper investigation procedures. Utilizing a partnership model between management and human resources, this video offers practical solutions and unites employment law compliance with leadership practices in a way that builds stronger employee relations while helping to minimize risks for the employer.
(26 minutes)

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The Deal with Dogs: Unleashing Workplace Solutions to Service and Assistance Animals

Knowing what to do when animals show up at your workplace–whether with employees, applicants or customers–can be doggone confusing! In this vignette-based video, Littler teams up with Canine Companions for Independence® to provide simple strategies that meet legal standards and address practical considerations when service or assistance animals are brought to your place of business.
(30 minutes)

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