Two-Member NLRB Majority Adopts Unprecedented Resolution to Move Forward With Subset of Election Rule Amendments

ballot box3.JPGIn an unprecedented development, and by a 2-1 vote, the National Labor Relations Board on November 30, 2011, approved a resolution to prepare a final rule adopting a subset of the controversial election rule amendments the Board published for comment in June 2011. The two-member majority was made up of Chairman Mark Pearce and Member Craig Becker, both of whom come from union backgrounds. The Board's lone Republican, Member Brian Hayes, voted against the resolution, criticizing the proposed amendments and the process by which they had been vetted as fundamentally flawed.

What makes this development unprecedented, and radical in the eyes of many, is that it defies a decades-old practice of the Board, regardless of the political party in the majority.  Continue reading about this development here.

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