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Wednesday, February 15, 2023
11:00 am-12:00 pm
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2023 promises to be another year of workplace challenges, as employers nationwide continue to grapple with post-pandemic fatigue, return-to-office struggles, tight labor markets and pressure on wages due to inflation. Add to this list the potential of workers organizing a union, with or without the assistance of the "big labor" establishment. Union organizing increased dramatically in 2022, with numerous high-profile campaigns garnering national media attention and inspiring copycat campaigns at workplaces across the country. 

Understanding what motivates interest in union representation requires understanding what resonates with the workforce. Today, it is apparent that issues of equity, inclusion, diversity and justice are just as likely to motivate employee collective action as issues involving, for example, wage increases and work schedules. Workers – particularly younger members of the workforce – view unions more favorably today than it has been viewed in years, and many appear drawn to the notion that by joining together, they can "be the change" needed for a better workplace and a better world. Often, a single misstep signaling to employees that their employer is not as equitable or just as it should be is all it takes to set off a whirlwind of organizing activity at dizzying speeds, courtesy of social media.

Littler Shareholders Alyesha Asghar Dotson and Russ McEwan will share insights and insider tips regarding the critical role that IE&D policies and procedures play in positive employee relations, and best practices for navigating social justice issues in the workplace to avoid union organizing. Participants will walk away with tools and insights to chart out a course to address social issues, IE&D issues and union-organizing issues in a collective format for their own unique workplace.

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