General Session: The Littler Report

The world of work races toward the future, redefining and remaking that future as it goes. How do employers build the foundations of compliant and thriving workplaces when the ground, the rules, and the goals are all in continuous motion? It takes vision – insight into now and the informed imagination to envision what’s next.

The 2024 Executive Employer General Session embraced that enterprise of vision, and was once again packed with the most pressing employment issues impacting corporate America. Littler thought leaders and guests offered insight into the concerns around wellbeing in the workplace and ideas for creating a more engaged workforce, as well as how today’s workforce is using new, modern methods for labor organizing. Areas of discussion also included unprecedented attacks on IE&D, Biden’s “whole of government” approach and the impact of a changing administration, multigenerational workforces, and AI in the workplace, among other hot topics. The session ended with a powerful Littler Talk from one of Littler’s attorneys who shared his emotional story of alignment and acceptance.

Littler will continue the discussion when we explore many of these topics at our Regional Employer Conferences taking place in cities across the U.S. and around the world.