Special Session: Stuck in the Middle

In this special session from the 2023 Littler Executive Employer® Conference, Claire Deason and Alyesha Dotson explore how to navigate through sociopolitical turmoil without platitudes, without throwing fuel on fires, and without losing your voice between a red rock and a hard blue place.

In 2023, it seems no corner of life is safe from political polarization. Overlapped with a rapidly-changing legal framework that gives corporate entities personhood and therefore a voice in the socio-political sphere, these trends put employers – and their in-house counsel and HR departments – between a rock and a hard place.

How can counsel and HR guide an employer’s journey as a corporate person in responding to heightened expectations from leadership, customers, and employees in an authentic and honest way– when the expectations conflict like night and day? How can we craft thoughtful responses to employee and customer expectations with leadership who feels the urge to create a political persona for themselves? Can we stand strong for a politically divisive viewpoint at the expense of our employees’ expectations?

If you would like to learn more about Littler Learning Group’s training course specifically designed to lawfully address the growing political polarization in America, contact us for a course description with more information.