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By October 23, 2020, employers with operations in Mexico will be required to conduct surveys every two years of their workforces on a variety of mental health-related issues – or risk non-compliance with NOM-035. Formally referred to as the Mexican Official Standard NOM-035-STPS-2018, the regulation requires employers to implement several measures in addition to the survey compliance requirements to identify, analyze and prevent work-related psychosocial risks.

Mental health continues to be a growing and important issue for employers, in Mexico and beyond. While the measures are likely to benefit companies in the long-term – recent data show that Mexico has the highest rate of workplace stress in the world, with 75% of employees suffering from work-related stress – conducting, assessing and acting on these surveys can be a burden for in-house counsel and HR leadership.

That’s why we developed the Littler NOM-035 Survey tool, which:

  1. Quickly and securely surveys employees;
  2. Generates visual reports for easy use, documentation and data analytics tracking; and
  3. Provides a blueprint for Littler counsel to discuss potential modifications in your workplace to ensure continued compliance.

With the Littler NOM-035 Survey, employers get the deep knowledge of the world’s largest labor and employment law firm combined with proprietary technology that offers the following key features:

  • An efficient, secure and trusted survey tool. The Littler NOM-035 Survey provides a quick and seamless way to complete the required surveys. What’s more, employers can be sure that their data will be protected and housed securely.
  • Experienced, authoritative counsel that transforms data into action. Littler Mexico’s labor and employment lawyers can help companies act on what their survey data tells them – with thorough analyses and guidance to ensure compliance with all NOM-035 requirements.
  • Accessible, insightful visual reports. HR teams without the time to parse through raw data sets benefit from easy-to-read visual reports that highlight areas in most need of review. Such reporting also helps meet the requirement that findings be made available to employees.
  • Data analytics that track and guide long-term compliance efforts. The tool provides a means of maintaining records and documenting actions taken, thereby creating an evidentiary record in the event of future compliance inquiries. As data and insights accrue, HR teams will also be able to leverage the information to develop more targeted assistance, training and policies.

This tool, combined with our in-depth experience counseling Mexican employers through initial NOM-035 deadlines, provides companies with comprehensive and value-driven services, ensuring that the latest compliance requirements are met accurately, privately and efficiently.

“What sets Littler apart is not only our vast knowledge of workplace compliance requirements, but the technology solutions we develop to make employers’ lives easier. The Littler NOM-035 Survey is part and parcel of this long history of innovation. The data-driven tool, in tandem with our experienced counsel, provides clients with strategic insights that drive effective compliance and overall healthier workplaces.”
– Mónica Schiaffino, Shareholder, Littler Mexico

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