Littler Employer Pulse Survey Report: 2023 Economic Outlook

The economy has been awash with mixed messages in recent months – throwing a wrench into many employers’ workforce planning.

This complex picture raises a host of important questions for companies: Do they continue hiring as normal? Prepare for a downturn? Implement reductions in force (RIFs) or layoffs?

To better understand how this uncertainty is impacting workforce management and planning, Littler surveyed more than 450 in-house lawyers, C-suite executives and human resources professionals. Respondents were based across the United States and represented a variety of industries, including technology, manufacturing, retail and hospitality, and healthcare.

The results of our pulse survey found most employers optimistic about their own businesses, but still concerned about broader economic headwinds. As a result, some are taking steps – such as more cautious hiring – to try to avoid layoffs and maintain the stability of their workforces. While the survey data reveals that layoffs are not yet widespread, nearly a quarter of respondents are conducting workforce reductions and such measures are especially prevalent in the technology industry.

Finally, even as employers navigate economic uncertainty, many are looking to grow their workforce and nearly all respondents continue to view recruiting, retention and employee engagement as top priorities.

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Littler Employer Pulse Survey Report: 2023 Economic Outlook

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