What’s Golf Got to Do with It? Linking Fairway Sand Traps to Workplace Equity Gaps

Golf is one of the most significant informal business networks and approximately half of all women feel like their exclusion from these gateways is among the key challenges to reaching the highest echelons of corporate leadership. As a prelude to the 2022 edition of the “Masters Season,” Littler Principal Cindy-Ann Thomas explores how enduring barriers in recreational golf impact meaningful access and equity gains for women in corporate America.

With nationally recognized LPGA leader and “Top 50 Instructor in the U.S.” Dana Rader as her guest, you will hear an engaging conversation on topics that include:

  • An exploration of the business advantages that can flow from golf
  • Reasons why exclusionary practices have legally and culturally been allowed to persist within the sport
  • Tips for how women can overcome the external and internal obstacles to participating more meaningfully
  • Action steps that golf industry insiders can take to advance the ball for female golfers
  • Strategies that business leaders can take to level the playing field for businesswomen
  • A “Gentleman’s Guide” to including golf for mentoring and networking with aspiring businesswomen in a post-#MeToo era
  • An assortment of entertaining and inspirational tales from the “Forward Tees”

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