All Rise… For the Move to Boost Diversity on the U.S. Supreme Court

When President Biden revealed Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, history was made. If her nomination is successful, Judge Jackson will be the first Justice in the Court’s 233-year history who is a Black woman.

Littler Principal Cindy-Ann Thomas and her special guest, the Honorable Bernice Bouie Donald, a federal judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, explore:

  • Riveting reflections from Judge Donald’s own personal journey as a pioneer in U.S. judicial history
  • Why diversity on SCOTUS today is so critical for ensuring public trust in the judicial system and for all Americans’ rights
  • The most significant challenges that jurists face due to the complicated intersection of race and gender and why Black women have not benefitted equally from women’s movements
  • Strategies for female jurists of color in managing bias, invisibility, and micro-invalidations in the profession
  • The role of law schools, law firms, and the judicial system in making sure that this historical moment repeats itself
  • Judge Donald’s suggestions for female attorneys of color who may have their own ambitions of donning “the black robes”

Tune in to this podcast to hear an in-depth discussion with Judge Donald about the significance of this momentous nomination to the Supreme Court.

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