“It’s the Culture, Stupid” (Part II): But Companies Cannot Bear the Burden Alone

Last month, we focused on what courageous steps organizations will have to take in response to emerging cultural shift reflected in movements that include “#MeToo” and “Times Up.” However, if meaningful culture change is going to ever happen, is too much of the national conversation focused on what companies need to do? Join Littler Principal Cindy-Ann Thomas and Rockhurst University Communication Professor, Dr. LaKresha Graham as they consider the following:

  • Why “Training Day” can’t be the only solution to changing dysfunctional gender dynamics and response cultures in the workplace
  • The link between early gender-based socialization messages and the proliferation of sexism at work
  • What and how other entities can work to preempt the various forms of gender-based disrespect that eventually show up at work

If you would like to hear more from Cindy-Ann about this topic, she will be a Littler panelist on this year’s Executive Employer’s Diversity Summit. For more information, please visit executiveemployer.com.

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