Challenging Harassment in the Workplace: A Key Priority at the EEOC

While EEO compliance remains an important objective for the employer community, minimizing the risk of facing a harassment claim has become a top priority. The weekly, and sometimes daily, headlines of new harassment allegations are ample proof of this.

Even prior to the recent headlines, attacking harassment in the workplace has been an important priority for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the country’s chief federal enforcement agency responsible for receiving and investigating charges of discrimination, as demonstrated by EEOC litigation, settlements and agency initiatives. As an example, in Fiscal Year 2017, nearly 30% (i.e., 54 of 184 lawsuits filed) involved alleged harassment in the workplace.

The objective of this Littler Report is to serve as a resource guide for employers that: (1) highlights key segments of the EEOC’s Task Force Report on Harassment and assists employers in harassment prevention; (2) reviews the EEOC’s perspective on actionable harassment claims and potential liability for harassment; (3) summarizes recent EEOC litigation and lessons learned; and (4) highlights key legal issues involving EEOC systemic harassment claims.

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