Littler's Resources

I rejoined Littler after briefly working at a competitor national labor and employment firm.  In that experience, I was able to compare and contrast many aspects of the two firms.  I found that Littler’s attorney training, case preparation, knowledge management, access to subject matter experts and client services focus were all superior to the competitor firm.  Additionally, Littler attorneys had more experience in litigation and trial. Thus, Littler provides practical resources that positively impacts the manner in which cases are handled.

Montgomery Y. Paek


International Presence

As an attorney with professional experience in both the U.S. and China, I joined Littler because of its increasing international presence and resources.  During my two years with Littler, I have helped lay the foundation for our China practice, which helps multinational companies with employment issues in China and Chinese operations in the U.S.  Littler is and continues to be an exciting place for me to grow and develop professionally.


Substantive Work My First Year

My experience as a first year associate at Littler has been exceptional. This firm has a very collegial feel, which is rare for a firm this size. The shareholders I work with are engaging, hands-on, and thoroughly enjoy serving in the mentor role. Shareholders want to see you succeed and do anything in their power to help you do so. It is very comforting to see as a junior associate.  Most rewarding is the exposure to substantive work, which has exceeded expectations. In my first year I have settled a case before an administrative agency, second chaired an NLRB trial, and have been given the lead role in a union campaign.


A First-Year Associate's Perspective

Joining Littler as a first-year associate has been fantastic! It has given me the ability to start my legal career in a supportive, enthusiastic and collegiate environment. Within two months of being admitted to the Massachusetts Bar I was given the opportunity to represent a large firm client in a wage and hour dispute hearing and represent clients at investigative conferences at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Within one month of being admitted to federal court, I was given the opportunity to argue a motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute an age discrimination claim in federal court. This is not a firm where you will be in a windowless room conducting research day-after-day. The shareholders in Boston are passionate about helping their clients and go out of their way to mentor first-year associates. Because of this willingness to mentor new associates, I have learned a great deal about major areas of employment law directly from the firm’s subject matter experts on retaliation, wage and hour, and labor law. The firm is very supportive of pro bono efforts. The shareholders in Boston have encouraged me to publish Littler ASAPs and MCLE publications. One of the most rewarding assignments I’ve worked on to date is a Littler ASAP on the Massachusetts Parental Leave Law and the advice and counseling I’ve been able to provide to clients. It has been incredibly rewarding to be able to counsel clients on brand new developments in the law this early in my Littler career.


Innovative Systems

Knowledge Management at Littler combines high-quality legal work with cutting-edge technology projects. Beyond the billable hour, a career in KM allows me to work with colleagues across the country on creative products and tools that are shaping the future of law practice and employment law compliance. I've practiced in both law firm and in-house settings, and I am grateful for the challenging and rewarding opportunity to practice in another way: redefining legal services using innovative systems and a deep understanding of client business needs.  Littler remains an exciting place to work for me – a global firm with the highest caliber employment and labor attorneys working in a professional, collegial, and inclusive environment.


The Right Place for Me

I was initially drawn to Littler by the fact that it has many different alternative career paths that attorneys can take while still having a rewarding career.  I had already been working reduced hours at another firm, but was looking for a firm that could provide even more flexibility while providing a high quality of work.  Once I sat down with the folks from Littler, I knew I had found the right place for me.  Littler is on the cutting edge in creating a workplace that is both flexible and productive.  Since joining Littler I have found that Littler embraces alternative career paths in a way that is meaningful and effective. I have the flexibility that I need while still being able to work on important matters that further my career objectives. Another one of the things that I love about Littler is the amazing resources available to assist in practicing employment law effectively.  There is either a subject matter expert or an internal resource on any employment law issue that you could think of.  Having such amazing resources at my fingertips has enabled me to focus in on the areas of the practice that I love in much more depth which in turn has allowed me to expand and grow my practice.

Liseanne R. Kelly
Liseanne R. Kelly, Shareholder


Work/Life Balance

After several years in a federal judicial clerkship, I was excited about the opportunity to work with a firm that provides both exceptional knowledge management resources and an acceptance of work/life balance. Although I enjoyed the experience I gained as an associate at Littler, transitioning to the FTA position allowed me to achieve the work/life balance I desired at this point in my life and career.  Working as an FTA allows me to have a more flexible schedule while still handling the substantive work I enjoy, with the resources and colleagues at Littler that have become indispensable to my practice.

Emily H. Morris
Emily H. Morris, Program Director, Littler CaseSmart


Alternative Career Track

Littler values the diverse skill sets of its attorneys and offers the flexibility to use those skills in positions that work well for the attorney and benefit the Firm. I came to Littler almost nine years ago and chose an alternative career track that I felt was well suited to my professional abilities and the aspects of being an attorney that I enjoy most. I also participate in Littler’s part-time program, which enables me to better balance the challenges of having a busy career while raising a family, including a child with special needs. By leveraging the opportunities that Littler provides for national exposure to other Littler attorneys and clients and focusing my practice on things that I enjoy and do well, Littler provides a fantastic opportunity to advance my career, even without being on a traditional Shareholder track.

Jeannine R. Idrissa
Jeannine R. Idrissa, Littler CaseSmart Counsel