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As Littler’s national reputation has grown, so has our representation of the largest and most prestigious companies in corporate America. We have performed legal services for 67 percent of the companies in the Fortune 100 and 70 percent of those in the Fortune 500. We represent employers in virtually every industry, including: financial services, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, automotive, media, technology, hospitality, retail, construction, and telecommunications.

We strive for excellence in the way we represent our clients, respond to and anticipate their needs, predict trends in the field of labor and employment law, and develop relationships with professional service organizations.

Alternative Legal Careers

We are always looking internally to ensure that we are developing policies and career tracks that encourage people with different lifestyles and at different stages of career development to remain engaged and well compensated. Learn more

Compensation and Benefits

We provide competitive, robust and first-rate compensation and benefits to our attorneys. Learn more

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion is an important part of Littler’s identity, ingrained in our values, goals and achievements. As our employees come from different backgrounds, they bring their distinct perspectives that enrich our culture, enhance our work, and make us a stronger and smarter firm. Learn more

Talent Development

In keeping with our dedication to recruiting and retaining talented attorneys, and creating a rewarding work environment, we believe that talent development is crucial to success. In addition to their educational and organizational value, our programs provide our attorneys with opportunities to meet one another and share ideas and experiences. Learn more