Leveraging Littler’s Workplace Policy Institute® (WPI®) – the firm’s government relations and public policy arm – we advocate on behalf of employers to help shape the future of AI regulation.

Amid a rapidly changing regulatory landscape, we draft commentary and in-depth analyses of new and emerging laws around the world, from evolving federal, state and local laws in the U.S. to the European Union’s AI Act. Of equal importance, we track legislative developments in real-time and train employers on key regulatory issues. We also speak on the key issues facing employers at leading conferences and before governmental bodies.

For instance, members of our team:

  • Testify before Congress, including an AI Roundtable session in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Assist leading AI companies in drafting responses to congressional inquiries.
  • Submitted comments to the Ranking Member of the U.S. Senate’s Labor Committee on how Congress should regulate AI in the workplace and met with the Senate Committee staff to discuss recommendations.
  • Provided commentary on New York City’s new AI hiring rules, the only law firm to do so; several of our recommendations to define and focus them to ease employer compliance were reflected in the final regulations.
  • Regularly engage with government officials and industry associations on AI-related guidance and legislation.
  • Represent clients before work councils in various European countries.
  • Spearheaded the formation of the Emma Coalition, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that addresses the technology-induced displacement of employment (TIDE™) through education, training and engagement with policymakers.

In addition to helping shape workplace policy, we track AI-related legislation daily, in the United States and globally, through Littler’s robust Knowledge Management team. Some of Littler's articles about workplace AI include: