Companies are increasingly looking to reap benefits from AI and related technologies, including in HR functions – yet less than 40% of those surveyed in our latest AI in the Workplace Survey Report say they have policies or guidance in place on their proper use.

Whether it’s using predictive AI tools – for recruiting, hiring, training or other employment-related functions – or generative AI to create new content in the workplace, employers need holistic guidance to realize the full value of AI while navigating the challenges and risks. We also help employers address unique AI issues that may arise under the National Labor Relations Act.

AI in the Workplace

  • Governance. Create and implement AI development and use policies, as well as best practices.
  • AI tool vetting. Select, test and deploy AI tools across the employment life cycle –drawing on our benchmarking information gathered from hundreds of client engagements.
  • AI regulatory compliance. Navigate the compliance requirements of new and proposed AI regulations in the U.S. and abroad.

Privacy and Data Protection

  • Compliance. Comply with data protection and information security laws at the state, federal and international levels when using AI tools.
  • Third-party contracts. Conduct due diligence on, and negotiate mandatory data protection terms with, third-party AI providers to ensure legal compliance and mitigate data breach risk.
  • Cross-border capabilities. Satisfy the requirements of international data protection regimes for lawful cross-border transfer of personal data via AI tools.

Future Workplace

  • See around corners. Understand how the use of AI can lead to other workplace issues – from worker displacement, accessibility and upskilling to collective bargaining agreements and discrimination concerns – and proactively address them.
  • Holistic solutions. Address transformational workplace issues from both a legal compliance and business perspective, and assess broader challenges and opportunities.

In May 2023, Littler released one of the first comprehensive reports from a law firm on generative AI’s impact on the workplace.

Littler AI in the Workplace Survey Report 2023

Littler’s 2023 AI in the Workplace Survey provides insight from nearly 400 executives on adoption of AI tools in HR and the impact of regulatory uncertainty.

Littler AI in the Workplace Survey Report 2023