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Do the employees of the different entities participate in social activities together? {{Teambulding, staff party, training, staff journal or newsletter, team meetings....}} [[3]]
Do the employees of the different entities have access to the same facilities? {{Cafeteria, sports hall, rest area, smoking area, parking, showers, restrooms,...}} [[3]]
Is there (or has there been) one or more employee transfer(s) or other employee movements between the different entities? {{Transfer/exchange of employees between the different entities}} [[3]]
Is (are) the human resources manager(s) the same for employees in different entities? {{The HR team is the same for the different entities. The head of human resources is the same person}} [[3]]
Do the employees of the different entities work in the same building(s) or very close buildings? {{The different entities are located on the same site or in a same building. The workers share the same premises. The buildings are contiguous or very close.}}[[2]]
Do the different entities use identical "social" documents? {{Identical contracts, employment regulations, car policy, ICT policy, memos..,}} [[1]]
Do the different entities apply the same rules to their employees? {{Same working hours, same weekly working time, same pay policy, annual vacations, bank holidays and replacements, contractual holidays, social benefits, same payment timing}} [[1]]
Are the workers in the same category? {{Do all entities employ blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, or both?}} [[1]]
Do the different entities belong to the same joint committee? [[1]]
Do the different entities have the same HR external partners? {{Social secretariat, work injury insurance, ESPPW, holiday fund, temporary employment agency, occupational physician, supplementary pension insurance, clothing and premises cleaning company, company auditor, legal advisor.}} [[1]]
Do the different entities carry out the same or similar activities? {{Carrying out the same or related activities in a harmonized way: Same customers, same suppliers...}} [[1]]
Do the different entities have identical/shared contact data? {{Single telephone exchange, single list of telephone numbers, common telephone extensions, same email address model, same stationery, same logo, same bank account, same website....}} [[1]]
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