Keeping Your Policies Current

Littler knows how imperative it is for employers to have up-to-date employee handbooks and policies to promote positive employee relations, protect employer interests and ensure compliance with a variety of employment laws. Given the onslaught of legislative and regulatory developments and increasingly aggressive enforcement at every level, it can be difficult for employers to maintain current and comprehensive policies.

Littler’s HR PolicySmart™ is a peace of mind service – what you need to know, when you need to know it.

HR PolicySmart: A solution to help employers with challenging compliance issues

Staying abreast of employment law developments and knowing whether and when they impact employee handbook policies are daunting tasks that can threaten company resources. Let the Littler attorneys behind HR PolicySmart do this work for you – reviewing legal changes at the federal and state level, as well as significant changes in municipal law, and alerting you to developments that may impact employee policies. Monthly updates include a summary and analysis of each relevant legal development and, when a change in the law warrants new or revised policy language, the policy template to get you started. HR PolicySmart also includes a timeline of upcoming effective dates to help ensure your organization’s policies are up-to-date, along with additional Littler resources and guides to support your organization’s compliance efforts.

Features of HR PolicySmart

  • Handbook policy updates – HR PolicySmart’s update service is both comprehensive and focused, providing the latest updates on newly enacted legislation that may impact your employee-facing policies. More than just legal summaries, the service also provides template policy language that reflects changes in the law.
  • Compliance calendar – A timeline of legal changes that will soon take effect, helping to ensure updated policies are in place and on time.
  • Littler handbook templates – Whether reviewing your existing handbook or creating a new one, these state-of- the-art Littler handbook templates are an invaluable tool. We provide our National Handbook template, as well as state-specific supplements.
  • Handbook checklists – These jurisdiction-specific checklists tell you which employers are covered by each policy in our handbook templates and whether the policies are required by law to appear in a handbook.
  • Littler federal employment law guides – These Littler guides provide a helpful overview of federal employment laws, including wage and hour laws. With these succinct summaries of federal requirements impacting the workplace, you can answer everyday questions and identify critical areas of employment law compliance.

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