Franchisors and franchise owners face a unique set of challenges. A central challenge for franchisors – particularly those operating across multiple states – is trying to maintain appropriate legal and operational separation from their franchisees while ensuring they have access to state specific resources to help them establish policies, procedures and practices that comply with a constantly evolving labor and employment law landscape. Franchise owners must establish such compliant policies, procedures and practices, tailored to their states’ specific requirements, while also managing all of the challenges that come with setting up and operating a business.

Littler’s web-based Franchise Compliance Toolkit allows franchisors to improve compliance for their entire franchise network and provides franchisees tools to help them comply with state and federal laws when hiring, compensating, managing and terminating employees.

The toolkit draws upon the vast experience of Littler lawyers who have helped franchisors and franchisees throughout the country with the legal aspects of hiring and managing employees. We’ve distilled this knowledge and experience and packaged it into a suite of materials that includes key employment documents, resources and training. The site is designed to be quick and easy to use, with templates that enable franchisors and franchisees to customize the materials on the toolkit for their specific business model.

The package provides documents and tools to help franchisors and franchisees with the management of their employees’ full lifecycle.

Onboarding resources include a variety of prehire, hiring and arbitration materials, including:

  • Employment application
  • Background check/Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) materials
  • Sample offer letter
  • Arbitration agreements
  • Hiring and I-9 checklists
  • Sample non-disclosure agreement

Continuing employment resources include policies and forms, wage and hour guidance materials, performance management resources, and time off and leave materials, such as:

  • Overtime, minimum wage, dress code, and cell phone policies
  • Disciplinary forms, performance reviews and performance improvement plans
  • Vacation/PTO request form

End of employment resources include:

  • Termination letter
  • Separation agreements
  • State separation notices and termination forms

Additional Resources

Users of the toolkit have access to Littler GPS with numerous 50-state surveys on background checks, wage and hour laws, discrimination and harassment laws, training and poster requirements and other areas of labor and employment law.

Resources on the Toolkit are kept up-to-date by a dedicated team of experienced Littler lawyers.

The toolkit is part of Littler’s ongoing commitment to providing practical, innovative solutions to employers of all sizes across various industries.