Change at the Top: Ondray Harris Stepping Down as OFCCP Director

Littler has confirmed that Ondray Harris will be stepping down as head of the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) effective July 27, 2018. Mr. Harris will be replaced by Deputy Director Craig Leen, who will serve as the Acting Director.    

Appointed in December 2017 to lead the agency, Mr. Harris sought to immediately improve the relations between OFCCP and the federal contractor community by stressing transparency, cooperation, and communication. The contractor community began to see these changes in February 2018 with Directive 2018-01, which standardized OFCCP’s approach to issuing a “predetermination notice” (PDN) prior to issuing a final notice of violation (NOV) whenever the agency believed it found indicators of discrimination during a compliance evaluation. During Mr. Harris’s tenure, OFCCP also published a detailed methodology for developing its most recent compliance audit scheduling list for supply and service contractors.

We will update as soon as additional information and a formal announcement are available.  

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