Jeremy Roth Sees Employee Lawsuits on the Horizon

"Employee vs. Employer Lawsuits Seen to Dominate Legal Headlines in '07," San Diego Daily Transcript

In this artice discussing lawsuits arising out of 2007, Littler's Jeremy Roth notes that Wage-and-hour class action lawsuits will remain plentiful in thecoming year while retaliation claims start to become the new trend. "There'll be no change in the influx and incessant filing of wage-and-hour class actions," said Roth. "They're being filed more and more. San Diego has always been a little under the radar for wage-and-hour class actions. Most are being filed in L.A. County and Orange County. But San Diego is no longer under the radar. They're being filed here at a rate of one a day." A year ago there was only one wage-and-hour class action being litigated locally, according to Roth. Now there are approximately 15.

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