A centerpiece of Littler’s practice is our ability to help employers take preventive measures to avoid costly litigation and administrative penalties, while improving productivity and helping to build a workplace of mutual respect and high ethical standards. At Littler, we understand that mitigating workplace risks includes not only compliance with labor and employment laws, but also maintaining a culture of compliance and strong ethical values.

Littler is uniquely positioned to provide the specific services its clients need in both of these areas of compliance and can make available additional subject matter resources to help them understand and manage the risks associated with non-compliance. We guide employers on both U.S. and global standards.

Ethics and Compliance

The firm’s Compliance and Ethics Group provides a number of services designed to address the increasing government pressures to maintain compliance and ethics programs including:

  • Creating Programs – Our attorneys can facilitate a top-down or bottom-up compliance risk assessment necessary to design an effective compliance program.  Once the risk assessment is completed, we can design and help implement a compliance program that complements an employer’s strategic objectives with initiatives that add value, reduce risk, and promote a culture of compliance throughout the organization.
  • Program Evaluation and Assessment – Employers with existing compliance programs should periodically assess the programs’ effectiveness and determine whether they meet the needs of the organization. Whether an employer needs to analyze its compliance programs against the United States’ Federal Sentencing Guidelines or international requirements, or to evaluate the company’s anti-retaliation policy and investigation procedures, Littler’s compliance and ethics attorneys have the skills and insights to help employers of all sizes evaluate and assess their compliance and ethics programs.
  • Policy and Procedure Development – From broad international codes of conduct to detailed policies designed to address an organization’s high risk areas, our team has the experience in drafting the policies by which organizations are governed.  We do not view policy development as simply a “check-the-box” exercise. When a client hires us to draft or revise a code of conduct or any other type of policy or procedure, we will draft it in a way that complements the employers’ values, principles, and strategies.
  • Training and Education –  Littler has many different programs, ranging from code of conduct training for all employees to  global executive sessions on how to promote ethical cultures in the workplace and FCPA and UK Bribery Act courses on how to conduct lawful and effective cross border  investigations into allegations of misconduct. Our classes are not lectures.  They are scenario-based interactive programs designed to meet multiple learning styles, using a variety of media.
  • Investigations – Our compliance and ethics lawyers have extensive experience in conducting internal investigations into alleged wrongful conduct.  We can also provide clients with the tools they need to conduct internal investigations themselves, including providing advice throughout the investigation process and offering effective, hands-on investigation training that uses mock scenarios and evidence.

Labor and Employment Compliance

Our lawyers stay on top of the ever-expanding body of labor and employment laws and regulations in order to keep our clients informed on such critical issues as harassment, discrimination, employee leaves, labor, safety, and wage and hour requirements, and we provide the full range of services necessary to help our clients comply with those laws and regulations.

  • HR Policies Forms and Procedures – As advisors to our clients, we provide practical advice on the day-to-day issues they face.  Among other things, Littler attorneys can draft, review and update HR policies and forms – from employment applications to Model ADR agreements.  We can also provide comprehensive guidelines and checklists for release agreements, reductions-in-force and other common workplace issues.
  • Employment Law Compliance Auditing – The firm has a practice area devoted to assisting clients with auditing their employment practices. Regardless of the risk area—from EEO compliance, to I-9 practices, to OSHA policies and procedures—the firm has extensive experience identifying areas of needed improvement and creating practical solutions. The firm’s Audit QB is a web-based auditing tool used to help our attorneys conduct large-scale employment audits effectively and efficiently through the use of customized software, central storage of data, project management and scheduling features, and streamlined reporting for data analysis.
  • Whistleblower Risk – Whistleblower protections and incentives continue to expand through provisions in new legislation.  Our lawyers can help reduce the risk facing employers by updating whistleblower and anti-retaliation policies and by developing and implementing whistleblower reporting procedures.
  • Governmental Audits – Our attorneys regularly help employers prepare for, and respond to, government audits and investigations, providing experienced representation throughout the process.
  • Training and Education – Basic training and education is a critical component of any compliance program.  Littler offers seminars and training workshops for supervisors and human resource personnel in areas such as complying with employment laws and handling terminations to minimize the risks of litigation.
  • Disaster Preparedness – From natural disasters to unexpected power outages and worse, employers need to be prepared to deal with crisis.  Littler helps employers plan ahead for these situations, developing disaster preparedness and recovery plans, including organizing crisis response teams and procedures.

Valuable Resources

Littler has undertaken several projects to provide cutting-edge resources for employers so they can handle many issues on their own. These resources include:

  • Littler GPS® – A Guide to Policies by State - A state-by-state assessment of labor and employment statutes and regulations.
  • Littler Learning Group Live training events covering core compliance topics and more specific programs on harassment, diversity, ethics, investigations, global issues, workplace violence and other employment law topics. 
  • The National Employer Book Series – National and state reference books providing practical advice to management concerning employment and labor relations.

To learn more about these programs please contact your Littler attorney today. 

Ethics, Compliance and Investigations Contacts

Earl (Chip) M. Jones III

Co-Chair, Whistleblowing and Corporate Ethics Practice Group
Dallas, TX
(214) 880-8115

Edward T. Ellis

Co-Chair, Whistleblowing and Corporate Ethics Practice Group
Philadelphia, PA
(267) 402-3008

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