The culture of a workplace is an important source of value for every organization. At Littler, we believe that each time an employee makes a decision for the organization, that decision should be made according to the employer’s values, principles, and strategic objectives. The firm’s corporate compliance attorneys have the experience to assist clients in developing corporate compliance and ethics programs that build and protect value, engage employees, and help avoid penalties and litigation expenses.

The firm’s Corporate Compliance and Ethics Practice Group provides a number of services that fall into the following areas:

Creating Programs

Many employers are just beginning to explore what must be done to create effective compliance programs. The firm’s compliance attorneys have developed an efficient method to assist employers in establishing programs that complement the employer’s strategic objectives with initiatives that add value, reduce risk, and promote a culture of compliance throughout the organization.

Analyzing Risk

Effective compliance begins with an effective risk assessment. Though the marketplace offers cookie-cutter risk solutions, a capable risk analysis requires experienced legal counsel and a laser focus on the organization’s key business activities. Our attorneys work with employers to help them find a framework best suited to their core operations, style and culture. Once an employer selects a framework, our attorneys will facilitate a top-down or bottom-up confidential and privileged risk assessment and then help implement an ongoing process that is connected to the employer’s overall strategy, employee performance management system, and reporting requirements.

Program Evaluation and Assessment

Employers with existing programs should periodically assess the programs’ effectiveness against the changing risks and goals of their organization. The touchstone of an effective program is whether employees believe the organization’s commitment to ethics and compliance. Whether the employer needs to analyze the program against the United States’ Federal Sentencing Guidelines, confirm that employees are willing to speak up about violations, tailor its training to known compliance risks, or evaluate its investigation procedures, Littler’s compliance attorneys have the skills and insights to help employers of all sizes evaluate and assess their compliance and ethics programs.

Policy and Procedure Development

Effective policy development is not a simple “check-the-box” exercise. When an employer requests that we draft or revise a code of conduct or any other type of policy or procedure, we will do so in a way that complements that particular employer’s values, principles, and strategies and matches the culture and communication style of its workplace.

Training and Education

To further enhance an employer’s overall compliance strategy, Littler has a team of attorneys dedicated to developing innovative training programs and workshops. These programs include code of conduct training for all employees, executive sessions on how to promote ethical cultures in the workplace, and FCPA and UK Bribery Act courses. Our classes are not lectures; they are engaging, scenario-based, interactive programs designed to meet multiple learning styles, and in which participants practice real skills and are presented with current ethics, compliance and employment imperatives.


For a compliance program to be effective, employees must have the ability to report misconduct without fear of reprisal or retaliation. When employees do report such activity, employers cannot be caught off guard; they must have in place an effective system to track, expertly investigate, resolve, and remedy noncompliance. Our attorneys regularly evaluate investigation programs and design and implement investigation systems, guidelines and procedures that are woven into the compliance program and sensible for the organization. Our investigation team can: advise employers about high-profile investigations, train the employer’s investigative personnel, and step in to support, oversee or conduct investigations on a broad range of code of conduct issues—from misuse of technology, to significant executive misconduct, to complicated fraud or bribery matters.

Employment Law Compliance Auditing

The firm has a practice area devoted to assisting clients with auditing their employment practices. Regardless of the risk area—from EEO compliance, to I-9 practices, to OSHA policies and procedures—the firm has extensive experience identifying areas of needed improvement and creating practical solutions. The firm’s Audit QB is a web-based auditing tool used to help our attorneys conduct large-scale employment audits effectively and efficiently through the use of customized software, central storage of data, project management and scheduling features, and streamlined reporting for data analysis. We have successfully used Audit QB to conduct large-scale nationwide audits of the compensation and human resource management practices of several clients.

Research Publications

For the past 30 years, Littler has written and published The Littler National Employer Library books. This series of national and state reference books has become the field’s preeminent reference work providing practical advice to management concerning employment and labor relations. This resource is available in a variety of print and digital formats.

Online Resources

Littler actively monitors compliance related issues in all 50 states and is at the forefront of developing and implementing web-based tools that track and monitor state and federal legislation and regulations on a real-time basis. Littler GPS allows you to find answers to your multistate employment law questions and check to see how newly passed legislation and regulations will affect your organization, all on a website that is available 24/7. Littler GPS provides access to legislative updates and multistate comparisons in a single tool, searching across all content and navigating more easily.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Contacts