Nicolas Chavrier concentrates in business restructuring, labor management relations, employment practice audits, hiring, performance management and termination. He advises companies of every size operating in a variety of sectors (insurance, agri-food, trading, plastics, venture capital, engineering, IT and construction, among others).

A member of the bar since 1995, he provides labor law and payroll tax assistance in a number of fields, both individual and collective:

  • Restructuring management (job preservation plans, business transfers, voluntary departure plans, etc.)
  • Union management
  • Delegation of authority
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Criminal law
  • Working hours
  • Compliance audits and due diligence
  • Payroll tax reassessments

Nicolas also conducts training sessions for his clients, and has authored in-depth articles on various subjects related to French and European labor law.

Nicolas drafts legal documents including collective agreements (reduction of working hours, harmonization, union rights, gender equality, etc.), employee savings plans (profit-sharing, employee shareholding, time savings accounts, etc.), senior action plans, etc.

He assists and represents employers in legal disputes of every kind, before labor, administrative, civil and criminal courts: individual disputes concerning labor and social security law (dismissal, workplace harassment, discrimination, workplace accidents and occupational illness, gross misconduct, etc.), as well as collective disputes related to labor law (contestation of health and safety committee assessments, electoral disputes, strikes, etc.).

Nicolas offers particular expertise in managing cases based on European Union law. He is a frequent lecturer for the master’s program in Law and Labor Relations at Montpellier.

News, Analysis & Press

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  • DJCE - DESS, 1995


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