Littler is proud to celebrate the power of inclusion, equity and diversity. In honor of Women's History Month, the firm recognizes those who advocate for total equality.

Conversations with Women

In celebration of Women’s History Month, “Conversations with Women” is a four-part podcast series covering various topics relevant to women delivered through the voices of our own Littler lawyers. Topics include working through the pandemic, the mentor/mentee relationship, advancing gender equality and female leadership in the military. These conversations provide personal stories of being encouraged, lifted up and heard, as well as insight into the unique and important perspectives of women.

Episode 4 "Conversations with Women: From the Military to Law," in which Margaret Parnell Hogan interviews Wendy Buckingham and Emily Haigh on how their experience as women in the U.S. military influenced their legal careers, and how their backgrounds shaped their outlook on gender equity in the workplace.

Episode 3 "Conversations with Women: Advancing Gender Equity," in which Jennifer Youpa and Nina Markey discuss the importance of advancing gender equity in the workplace, how access and representation are critical to creating opportunities for women, and how women can help each other achieve their professional goals.

Episode 2 "Conversations with Women: The Mentor-Mentee Relationship," in which Jeanine Conley Daves hosts a conversation between Tom Bender and Shin-I Lowe. They discuss the importance of mentorship, what a successful mentorship relationship looks like, and how male mentor influences are equally important to women.

Episode 1 “Conversations with Women: Impacts of the Pandemic on Women in the Workforce,” in which Erin Webber and Zoe Argento discuss the effects the pandemic has had on working mothers and the impact on women in the workforce generally.