The official theme for this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month is Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope. Littler celebrates the myriad cultures and ethnicities that make up the diverse populations of the Hispanic and Latin American communities, and the many contributions they’ve made to the growth and prosperity of the United States.

A Global Vision and the American Dream

In this podcast celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Shareholder and Global Practice Leader Peter Susser talks with Juan Carlos Varela, Shareholder of Littler’s Miami and Caracas offices, about becoming Littler’s first international attorney, extending a labor and employment law practice beyond the United States, and how that helped him achieve the American dream.

The Language to Connect

As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close this week, Shareholder and Reunión Co-Chair Mel Cole (San Francisco) and Shareholder Anne Sanchez LaWer (San Jose) discuss their experiences with the Spanish language and the ways in which learning it – and not learning it – have impacted their individual connections to their Hispanic heritage.