The Littler Annual Employer Survey 2022

No one said adjusting to the “new normal” would be easy.

That sentiment is hitting home for employers as workers increasingly return to offices in the midst of a historically tight labor market and after more than two years of a global pandemic. Issues and initiatives that have consumed the corporate world’s attention – from vaccine policies to hybrid work models to evolving regulations and emerging technologies – are now entering a pivotal phase, posing new challenges and opportunities alike.

Littler’s tenth annual survey – completed by nearly 1,300 in-house lawyers, C-suite executives and HR professionals – provides a window into how U.S. employers are managing these complex issues and where their principal concerns lie.

The survey finds employers split on whether to mandate vaccination for employees, but more aligned on plans for reopening offices and the need to offer flexible work models. It also reveals several other areas where employers are adapting to changes accelerated by the pandemic and today’s talent market, including expanded paid leave policies and employee benefits offerings; the advancement of inclusion, equity and diversity plans; and the use of artificial intelligence in HR.

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The Littler Annual Employer Survey 2022

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