Philadelphia Tweaks Exceptions to August 11, 2021 Indoor Mask Mandate

On August 13, 2021, the Philadelphia Department of Health published a regulation amending its August 11, 2021 order that requires individuals to wear a face mask (with certain exceptions) in indoor settings and at certain large outdoor events in Philadelphia, unless all present are vaccinated and there is a reasonable process to confirm vaccination status of all present.  This new regulation is posted on the city’s Records Department website page that lists Regulations Promulgated by the City, but it is not yet listed on the city’s COVID-19 webpages that list the city’s COVID-19 Emergency Orders.  

The new regulation amends the August 11, 2021 order as follows:

  • Indoors: No 100% Vaccination Exception for Essential Businesses.  There is an exception to the mask requirement for indoor settings if the business requires all those present to be vaccinated and there is a reasonable procedure for confirming the vaccination status of staff, customers and others.  The new amended order provides that this exception is not available to “essential businesses,” which are defined to include:  “a grocery store, pharmacy, doctor’s office, emergency or urgent care medical facility, or similar facilities patronage of which is essential for daily living or needed on an emergency basis.”   Accordingly, masks are required at these indoor essential businesses, without exception. 
  • Seated Eating/Drinking Exception Extended to Standing at a Table of up to Four.  There is an exception to the mask requirement while an individual is eating or drinking when seated.  The new amended order extends the exception to include eating or drinking when seated, or when standing at a table with up to four people. 

More information on the August 11, 2021 order can be found here.

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