Littler Global Guide - Sweden - Q2 2021

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New Regulations on Work Adaptation

New Regulation or Official Guidance

Author: Anna Jerndorf, Partner – Törngren Magnell & Partners Advokatfirma KB

As of June 1, 2021, the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s new regulations on work adaptation entered into force. The new regulations, which were drafted together with the parties of the Swedish labor market (i.e., trade unions and employer’s associations), aim to clarify the employer’s responsibility for work adaptation and adjustments under the Work Environment Act. The authority has also issued further guidance on their website.

Bill to Strengthen Protection for Whistleblowers

Proposed Bill or Initiative

Author: Anna Jerndorf, Partner – Törngren Magnell & Partners Advokatfirma KB

On May 20, 2021, the government introduced a bill to adopt the EU Whistleblower Directive, which would strengthen the protection of whistleblowers. If the bill is enacted, among other things, it would require companies with at least 50 employees to implement special channels for reporting misconduct (so-called whistleblower systems) and ensure the confidentiality of whistleblower's identity.

The new law is proposed to enter into force on December 17, 2021. Companies with 50-249 employees are proposed to have until December 17, 2023, to set up internal whistleblower systems, while other companies have until July 17, 2022.

New Bill on Modernization of Labor Law

Proposed Bill or Initiative

Author: Anna Jerndorf, Partner – Törngren Magnell & Partners Advokatfirma KB

Based on an agreement between the parties of the labor market, the government has proposed a bill to modernize the Swedish labor law. Proposals include: (i) All employers, regardless of size, be given the possibility to exempt three employees from the order of selection; (ii) If an employee is terminated, the employment will end after the notice period, even if the termination is disputed (i.e., the employee will not remain in service until the dispute has been finally settled); (iii) General fixed-term employment will be replaced by another form of employment called specific fixed-time employment, which will convert into an indefinite employment after 12 months; (iv) Unless otherwise specifically agreed, the employee has a right to full-time employment; and (v) Temporary agency workers shall have a right to an indefinite employment with the customer company if they have been in their service for at least 24 months.

The new legislation is proposed to enter into force on June 30, 2022, and to apply as of October 1, 2022.

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